Opening Doorz Editorial | April 01, 2020

Shwetha Menon on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I like outdoor activities more than being confined to a gym or heavy equipment. I used to take part in sports during my school days. I was also very active in kickboxing. Long walks, yoga and new experiments with different types of exercises, is what keeps my adrenaline rush. Since I work mostly in Southern movies and keep getting demands for different physical appearances and roles according to the subjects, remaining in shape is a challenge as schedules are tight or I get limited opportunities to do physical activities. At present, I am finding it difficult to lose weight hence working hard towards the goal.

Shweta Menon
“I believe that eating a balanced diet is more important than dieting or starving,” says Shwetha Menon.

Eating Habits

I’m a hardcore home-food person even though I don’t believe in diets. However, I always try to take help from my nutritionist or dietician. At times, many tips have come from my friends who are into all these things. I believe that eating a balanced diet is more important to be healthy than dieting or starving. I would never recommend starving or taking special food package/power etc. We are blessed with a great culture which our parents have passed on to us. Our traditional foods are very balanced. I strongly believe that weight loss is the result of 80 per cent of what you put in your stomach and 20 per cent of the physical activities you engage in or the workout you do.

Spiritual Quotient

I come from a defence background [my father was in the Air Force] wherein spirituality meant humanity. So I believe in practising humanity rather than dwelling into the depths of spirituality. I do have a guru whom I believe in; his name is Gul Saheb. I always believe that being a better human being is more pleasing to God than following a hardcore spiritual path. I am not yet into meditation. Neither am I a calm person (at times, I am very short-tempered), but I try to talk to myself and calm myself down. From that perspective, my consciousness is my best friend that’s how I keep myself calm.

(Shwetha Menon is an Indian model, actress and television anchor. She won Femina Miss India Asia Pacific 1994 and has predominantly acted in Malayalam and Hindi films, besides appearing in a number of Tamil productions. In 2018, she was a contestant in the Malayalam reality TV series Big Boss and was eliminated after 36 episodes aired on Asianet, hosted by the veteran actor Mohanlal).

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