By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 14, 2023

Trident, Chennai: A home away from home

For a regular traveller, Trident, Chennai, is not a hotel; it’s a home away from home. 

The warmth of the staff is not cold and mechanical, as is the wont in the hospitality industry. Here, the smile reaches the eyes and there is a genuine connection… client to customer if I may say so, to become a friendly bond.

Soon, this connection is family. The concern of the staff and their inquiring after you, wherever you may be, lets you know that you are being taken care of, albeit pampered in a way.

And their warmth is not for just ‘that’ moment you enter their premises; you also leave with that warmth and warm feeling long after check out. And like I said, if you happen to visit again, there is no change in their welcome. Those you have not met at your earlier visit and who do not know you reach out as the others.

So why is the Trident, Chennai, different? Aren’t all 5-star hotels warm and welcoming?

Of course, they all are. But there is that touch of ‘rehearsed’ warmth in other hotels, where the smile stays frozen on the face, never reaching the eyes. Something one is forced to do in the hospitality industry, and master after years of practice.

In the Trident, Chennai, the mood is different. Right from the time you enter the checkpoint, to the entrance, to the lobby, you are greeted warmly. The man who scans the vehicle, the sentry at the entry, and the bellboy, all welcome you with warmth.

Your check-in is smooth and housekeeping is ever helpful. The room is welcoming and super comfortable.

Trident, Chennai: Eat right, feel healthy

What’s even more surprising is the welcome one receives at the Cinnamon Restaurant. Not just the one serving you, but the entire staff on duty makes an effort to visit every guest to inquire and even suggest the right dishes. If the dish served is not to your liking, they will change it for you. The buffet is well-rounded, with something for everyone. But the healthier options are what’s mouth-watering, at least for me.

Trident Chennai a home away from home
Trident Chennai, a home away from home: Executive Chef Mothi Krishnan.

The meal is calorie counted and cooked to precision. Executive Chef Mothi Krishnan himself makes his presence felt offering his insights into the dishes and recommending a few. He even ensures he makes you try out dishes that may delight your palette.

I particularly loved the vegetable stew at breakfast with Raagi Idiyappam and the Pesaruttu Dosa with ginger chutney. Pesaruttu Dosa is a combination of green moong sprouts with ginger, garlic, coriander, and a dash of rice atta. There’s another version stuffed with upma, called ‘Minister Pesaruttu’. 

Their breakfast buffet is delectable not leaving you full but feeling just right. Of course, it also depends on how you eat!

If you happen to drop in at the Cinnamon Restaurant, do try out the Cermoula-crusted grilled fish with lemon berrue blanc, stir-fried veggies in white sauce, and grilled chicken with steamed veggies and mashed potatoes.

Trident, Chennai: A personal touch

On my second, visit when Vikash from housekeeping tidied the room as I was away, he noticed I was using the mouse on the table without a pad. He left a handwritten note telling me he noticed I had no mouse pad and had taken the liberty to place one on my table. 

Trident Chennai a home away from home
Trident Chennai, a home away from home: The warm and friendly staff of Trident, Chennai, and the hand-written note from Vikash from housekeeping.

He did not have to do that! I could have requested one, but I never thought I needed one. Vikash saw that I needed one! It’s gestures like these that make your stay eventful.

Every staff member takes time to speak with you, not intruding on your privacy. That’s the difference. Oh yes, my flight to Mumbai was delayed. I inquired if I could spend an extra hour in my room post-checkout time. There was no issue.

Truly, Trident, Chennai, is a home away from home.

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