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Kiki Bello on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I usually wake up at 6 am in morning, and do a 30–45-minute Zumba exercise because I love dancing. Then I do another 15-30 minutes of muscle work, where I work on a different group of muscles: upper-body, lower-body and core exercises. Sometimes I use YouTube videos with very specific workouts, on arms, legs, etc., or I just do it with my knowledge. And then I do my routine, based on what I need to strengthen or get better at. Sometimes in the afternoons, I take my dog out to the park, so I run with her, which is also a workout for me. My dog also gets a workout so that she is healthy! Everything is a habit, everything is routine. The more habits and routine you have daily, the more successful you will be in whatever you do.

Eating Habits

I try to stay away from sugar and carbs. The diet I am currently following does not contain any dairy products. No milk or cheese; none of that delicious stuff because it leads to breakouts on my face. 

Breakfast: In the morning I have sugar-free cereal, cornflakes. I also have almond milk, which is a lot better than regular milk. Then I do a little bit of Columbian arepa with an egg. I like that kind of breakfast, it’s very balanced and it gives me energy. I top this with celery juice, mixed with half a lemon which helps clean my body. 

Breakfast Tip: To me, celery juice is the most important thing in a diet. I think it is an amazing, powerful vegetable that has a million different vitamins and nutrients which allow your cardiovascular system to flow very naturally and cleaner. It’s amazing and helpful for any type of health problem you may have. Or just in general.  

Lunch: When it comes to carbs and proteins, I try to spread it out in a good amount depending on my workout. If I work out a lot, then I eat more, so I don’t lose a lot of weight. I do like carbs like lentils, cereal and oats. I take it with boiled water, so it’s very healthy. As for proteins, I like to eat fish, chicken, steak, pork. I’m not very picky with that kind of stuff. 

Dinner: My dinner is light, sometimes I eat cereal. I like it that way. I am in Florida right now, so I get very thirsty, so I do have a lot of water, and I put flavoured electrolytes in water, it helps hydrate you more. I have 5-6 glasses of that daily. 

Kiki Bello Fitness Routine
Colombian arepa (left) is a flat, round cornmeal cake. Celery juice is strongly recommended by Kiki Bello for its many health benefits.

Eating tips: It is important to not overdo things. For people who are looking to lose weight and be healthy, get rid of pastries, dairy and sugar more than anything. Also milk and carbs. If you’re looking to maintain yourself and your health, I would recommend a very low sugar intake.

For vitamins and supplements, every day, I take zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, and Probiotics, which are amazing supplement for your digestive system. It helps in cleaning your digestive system and gets rid of your health problems. I would recommend this to everyone. 

I am not into fruits that much because fruits have a lot of sugar, especially in the USA, where they inject fruits with a lot of fake sugar, which is not good for your health. I think people should consume more vegetables than fruits. That’s my personal opinion. 

Oh, and I love black coffee with a little bit of panela sugar, which is very natural sugar, not refined or processed, and comes straight from the plant. 

Spiritual Quotient

De-stressing for me is naturally easy because I do music for a living. And music is already a relaxing experience for any human being. Music keeps me sane and happy every day. When I’m stressed or a little anxious, I close my eyes in a dark place; I put on meditation music, and breathe heavily. Some people call it meditation some people call it breaks; I just call it my own time to relax. I breathe, for about 5 minutes. This helps me. I usually play only music while meditating, because I don’t like a voice telling me to breathe in and breathe out. I want it to be completely quiet, just the music. 

Kiki Bello Fitness Routine
“Always have a goal in mind. Always have a dream to accomplish,” says Kiki Bello.

I also take a half-hour nap every day after lunch; it’s a part of my culture. Naps are incredibly powerful. It makes your afternoon more productive and gives your mind a fresh start. I recommend naps. If you have a good diet with low sugar you’re most likely going to have a lot less stress in your day. 

De-stressing tip: Always have a goal in mind. Always have a dream to accomplish. Always have to-do lists. I believe success comes from daily habits. What you focus on is what you will become. In my personal opinion, I try to focus on good, positive things, because that’s how you bring abundance and wellness to your life. My mantra in life is simple: Music. Music is what brings magic to my life and it’s what I live for. 

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