“No matter who it is, we have to find new leadership with courage, conviction and character who will take every one of this nation together,” says Akbar Khan

By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | May 25, 2021

“Like my mother always tells me ‘handsome he who handsome does’. I have never said this for anyone before but Sonu Sood is the perfect candidate for it.” This comes from supermodel Anupama Varma who is also a warrior’s (Fighter Pilot) daughter. “It’s so impressive to see Sonu on the Battlefield. Many want to do it, have the vision for it, but to actually be out there in the midst of it is the real deal. I give him, what I have seen my father do all my life, the Airforce Salute!”

Today, in times of trouble, the underprivileged are privileged to have Sonu Sood. The actor has turned out to be a beacon of hope to millions of Indians who are bombarding him with requests for help from all corners of the country. Those in the city are even landing at his doorstep. He turns back no one. Even the Army is asking for his help.

Last year, he worked hard sending migrant workers home to their distant villages. Even as some others who wanted to do good sparred over the quality and number of buses [in their quest to help the migrant workers] Sonu went about his task, with help pouring in from all quarters.

Second wave, second coming

During the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic, Sonu has come out even stronger and with an even fiercer conviction to help as many as he can. His appeal to help Covid orphans and the solution offered has been taken positively by many state governments who are in various stages of implementing his idea. Be it oxygen, medication or hospitalisation, Sonu is at it 24×7 and has made the film industry proud.

Actor, director, producer Akbar Khan is effusive in his praise for the actor. “Sonu, you have done our film industry proud. I wish we had more such people coming out with that kind of conviction and courage to support this cause,” says Khan.

Airforce Salute to Sonu Sood
“India should recognise Sonu Sood as a selfless worker for the cause of humanity,” says Akbar Khan.

Appreciating the efforts of the actor during the first wave last year, Khan says: “His gigantic initiative for the human cause to reach out to those millions of migrant labourers who were homeless, foodless, and moneyless is commendable. Bare-footed, they were trying to reach their destination, crowding like cattle at railway stations and bus terminals looking for any mode of transport. It only takes a man with tremendous sensitivity for a human cause to reach out in a way he has done. India should recognise him as a selfless worker for the cause of humanity.”

Vivek Singh from New Delhi shares the same feelings. “For me, Sonu Sood (before the start of the pandemic) was a good actor whose work I enjoyed. But the work which he did during the last year (be it helping the migrant workers to reach home or arranging funds for the economically weaker section of the society to sail through these trying times) has shown his true personality. He will not only be remembered as a good actor on the reel but also a real hero in times to come. Our society needs people like him who look beyond their own safety and work for the betterment of people around them.”

Unity, harmony and oneness of Nation, says Akbar Khan

With thousands and thousands of people looking for help, it’s time for the Nation to join hands to assist people like Sonu and the many others on ‘ground zero’ helping the needy. Akbar Khan is all for this ‘oneness of the nation’. “It is a time for all of us to wake up and join hands to strengthen this environment. It is a time to have one voice against any system that has unfair administration, inhuman feelings. We need unity, harmony and oneness of our Nation as fellow Indians,” he says.

Airforce Salute to Sonu Sood
“Many want to do it. Have the vision for it. To be out there and doing it is the real deal,” says Anupama Varma.

Going further, he adds, “Cast, creed and religion has been brought to separate us. This venom has to disappear. We should all get together for a cause and make sure for a better India and a better future and dismiss any administration that has no sensitivity for the cause of the people. No matter who it is, we have to find new leadership with courage, conviction and character who will take every one of this nation together.”

The conviction with which Sonu works for those in need is seen in his recent tweet: “Losing a patient u have been trying to save, is nothing less than losing your own. It is so hard to face the family whose loved one u had promised to save. Today I lost a few. The families u were in touch with at least 10 times a day will lose touch forever. Feel helpless.”

On his Sood Charity Foundation, the message is clear: “Our services are free.”

“I read somewhere that Sonu said that God has chosen him to reach people. I totally agree with that but would like to add that God chooses only those he trusts and Sonu Sood is definitely God’s own. Sonu brings Hope. Thank God that good mortals still exist!” rounds up Anupama Varma.

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  1. My salute too.. To a warrior.. Sometimes fairy tales come true.. I’m sure Sonu will out do Robi Hood.. He is handosomer as Anupama puts it in deed..

  2. Well written to recognise his good work I really wish and pray that if I can join him to do this Sewa inspite of being sick God bless you Sonu as you are a special child of God .I have been in the industry for almost 28 years designing costumes but this has been my dream to help people and start a home for all needy and old .Wish God gives me the opportunity to educate the younger kids too in this birth
    God bless you and gives you strength to help the needy

  3. Bollywood is known for Stars and Superstars. But Sonu,by his heart of gold and exemplary dedication, has shown to the world that he is the real Superstar of Bollywood.

  4. Anupama’s comment about Sonu are really from her heart. I know for sure, she too has done her bit to help out people in her own way during this pandemic. Being a retired Air Force officer, who worked with Anupama’s father, I know, that like her father, she is also always keen to help out the needy. I recall her father always had a though look of a military commander, but a soft heart for those who suffered. Worthy daughter of worthy father.
    Three cheers for superstar Sonu from Air Force fraternity…..

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