Opening Doorz Editorial | December 05, 2017

Mugdha Godse on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I’m a practitioner of ashtanga yoga since the past eight years. This takes care of everything about my fitness. However, I also add swimming and walking to my daily routine. I walk daily for 45 minutes. The same amount of time is dedicated to the pool on a daily basis.

Eating Habits
I’m a vegetarian. Earlier, however, I used to eat fish for Omega 3 reasons but couldn’t enjoy my food. Previously, I used to do high protein, low carb diet but now I find it all nonsense! If you want to achieve a certain goal for a certain time frame, it is good to follow this routine for a maximum of two to three months. I do not feel one should do this regularly. I personally feel our body needs everything in proportion, so I eat everything in smaller quantities. My meals are small but frequent (five to six meals a day). I always make it a point to drink warm/room temperature water, over 10 glasses or more a day. To this I add vitamin spirulina. This takes care of the entire wellbeing.

Mugdha_VerticalSpiritual Quotient
I used to stress easily and worry a lot but I’m much calmer now. Since the last three years I have started doing ‘Belly Meditation’ which I learnt from my spiritual master. This has brought lot of peace and joy to my life; I sense surreal strength in me. ‘Belly Meditation’ is a simple way of being alive to the present moment by closing your eyes, feeling your palms and bringing your entire attention inside your body. All you have to do is keep your back straight. Eventually we have to feel our whole body with our attention and bring our attention two inches below the navel—that is our center point. That is what this meditation is all about.

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