By Tulip Joshi |Opening Doorz Editorial | September 11, 2017

On her birthday today, Tulip Joshi opens up on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Exercise Routine

I do circuit training three times a week; this includes full body push-ups, pull-ups, cardio (a combination of run and walk), stretches and yoga asanas. This takes a total of 90 minutes. There are times when I switch off from the gym completely and only perform yoga asanas. For me, focusing on my breathing is super important hence, I do pranayam every morning on waking up.

Eating Habits

I am a vegetarian by choice. Maximum, I indulge in fish. I do not have any alcohol, tea, coffee, cigarettes or any other stimulants. My intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats are all well-balanced.

Tulip Joshi Moderation is the Key
Tulip Joshi Moderation is the Key: “Follow your own path,’ is what I believe in. We all have our own standards and goals!”

Carbs: Fruits, dry fruits, complex carbs (carbs that have fibre and are wholesome, packed with nutrients) dals, multi-grains, etc. Of late, I have been staying away from multi-grains and at times have carbs recommended by our ancients—they call it upvaas ka atta. In English it is buckwheat or kasha, amaranth, etc that our ancients knew and enjoyed way back!
Protein: Dal, curd, milk, (fish occasionally), egg white (on and off).
Fats: Coconut oil, cow ghee, nuts (unsalted).
Basically, wholesome food is what I appreciate. I also ensure that the original flavor is maintained. Multivitamins are a must for me at least three times a week.
Meal timings: I eat throughout the day; every hour or hour-and-a-half.
Water intake: I keep sipping water throughout the day, at least 4 litres of water. I start the day water a glass of warm water with a lemon squeezed and a few raw turmeric pieces in it.

Spiritual Quotient

To maintain a deep inner peace, I ensure that I do pranayama everyday. Chanting om namah shivai throughout the day also helps me remain focused and calm. I believe the key to inner peace is thinking pleasant thoughts, being grateful for what we have and smiling throughout the day! Also, one of the biggest tools that helped me and continues to help me is the Rudraksha. “Follow your own path,’ is what I believe in. We all have our own standards and goals!”

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