Opening Doorz Editorial | January 22, 2018

Tejaswini Kolhapure on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
My workout schedule is a bit erratic as of now. Ever since my daughter Vedika was born, I have been running around her! But whenever I do make the time for it, I do ashtang yoga in the morning for half an hour. In the evening, I go for a 45-minute brisk walk. That works just fine for me right now.

Eating Habits
I’ve stopped eating chicken due to cruelty reasons. I’m trying very hard to give up fish, too. Being half a Mangalorean, fish is in my DNA and very difficult as of now. I’m hoping to cut down slowly. Since I have stopped eating chicken, I’ve been eating more greens; more of salads, soups, sprouts… I have been adding chia seeds in my oats and roti (whole wheat), and have started adding tofu in my meals, too. Most of my vegetables are organic. I try and eat fruits in the morning before meals. My only problem is I’ve developed a sweet tooth so after all this I add up calories with dessert! I have also been drinking warm water in the morning since the last 10 years. I have just started having cut lime with water before sunset.

Spiritual Quotient
Yoga keeps me calm. After my daughter Vedika arrived, I have really calmed down! To unwind, I love watching a good movie. I’m a movie buff and go alone to theatres to catch a new film.

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