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Sophie Choudry on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I’m someone who truly believes in fitness, not to be confused with getting skinny! I believe in leading a healthy, fit life which enables me to live to the fullest, to perform on stage for two hours at a stretch, to hike, travel and do much more. As someone who has had two slipped discs in the past, I am a complete Pilates girl. I swear by Pilates and my trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, is the best in India. I go for Pilates 3-4 times a week to strengthen my core, increase my strength and flexibility and then I do cardio four times a week: cycling and sometimes walking on the treadmill. The key is to be consistent in your exercise. Don’t work out like crazy for two weeks and then avoid the gym for the next two weeks. You will never be fit!

Eating Habits

I’m a complete foodie. I thoroughly enjoy yummy, well-made food. Fortunately for me, I enjoy healthy food. We make a lot of fresh salads at home. I eat desi khaana too. For breakfast, I have a little papaya, egg white omelette or avocado, one multigrain bread (which I avoid whenever I have a shoot) and a coffee. I gave up sugar and honey in my tea and coffee last year and feel so much better! Around 11.30 am I have either a fruit or a protein bar. Lunch is at 1:30 pm which consists of a chicken salad and some sweet potato. Chai or coffee time is at 5 pm either with some dry fruit or makhanas. Dinner is by 8.30 pm and it could be chicken, fish, or soup and veggies. I love meetha and dosas but only indulge in that when I’m travelling and mainly on show days because I know two hours on stage will burn that.

Other than that I love sushi, Thai curry and good pasta. At night if I’m hungry, around midnight, I will either have a piece of dark chocolate or half a cup of hot milk. I never deprive myself of anything. If I really want it, I will have a bite. I gave up biscuits a year ago and it’s made a huge difference to how I feel! I wish I drank more water but I do have nariyal paani, peppermint tea and green tea throughout the day. Food is an important part of life that you share with your loved ones, so never starve. Make sensible choices.

Sophie Choudry Gratitude Opens Doors
“Gratitude opens more doors so even though I’m hypersensitive and emotional, I focus on what’s important,” says Sophie Choudry. PIC COURTESY: MUNNA S.

Spiritual Quotient

I’m blessed to have a beautiful family life. It’s a small family here in Mumbai. Ma, Nani, me and my puppy Tia are surrounded by love and positivity always. In fact, ever since Tia has come into our lives, there is really no time to stress over anything. She is the baby of the family and has brought us immense happiness. I have a strong faith and I often pray in my own way. Music and working help me to destress.

Our job is inconsistent, there are lots of insecurities and it’s easy to get stressed but I wake up grateful every day because I get to do a job I love and not many can say that! Gratitude opens more doors so even though I’m hypersensitive and emotional, over the past couple of years I have focused on staying in a positive state of mind by surrounding myself with positive people who are invested in my life, focusing on what’s important and above all, trying to live in the moment!

(Sophie Choudry is a British film actress and singer. She has been active primarily in Indian films and is also a former MTV India VJ. Singing remains her passion and she is known as a Pop Diva, a title she won’t give up)

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