Opening Doorz Editorial | July 13, 2017

Preeti Jhangiani on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I didn’t exercise throughout my second pregnancy and I wouldn’t really recommend that to anyone because you have to start from the scratch again, which is what I had to do 15 months after the birth of my second son. I workout with Rahul Pradassaney three times a week and the other three days I do either the treadmill or Cross trainer in the mornings when my elder son is in school and the little one is taking a nap. I also have a Bollywood dance class with Rahul thrice a week in the evenings. I love that class as it keeps me up-to-date with the latest moves, and also helps in keeping my body flexible and fit. Next on my list is to start yoga again!

Eating Habits
To keep food intake in check is the hardest thing for anyone living in Mumbai with an active social life. There is always so much food around you! Luckily, I don’t smoke and have a drink only very occasionally so I don’t need to worry about calories from alcohol! At home, we always eat before going out so we’re not tempted to binge. We eat absolutely no rice and no rotis; if at all, there will be a little brown rice with the meal but only very little.

My breakfast is usually fruit, eggs and tea. Lunch is any dal and sabzi/chicken and dinner is grilled fish or chicken or a salad with some kind of meat in it. The idea is to eat whatever you like but always in limited portions. If I want a snack in the evening, it’s usually a mixed sprouts, chaat or corn on the cob.

Spiritual Quotient
Luckily for me, when I get angry I am able to calm myself down quickly. I feel I have always had a kind of control over my emotions and that is more of a natural thing. Over the years and after the many years I’ve been in films I’ve realized the futility of anger and keeping a grudge against someone. You’re only harming yourself. It’s better to focus those energies into keeping yourself fit and taking care of yourself and your family. I mostly like to see the good in people. Yoga and deep breathing really help to find peace within yourself and keep you connected to a higher being within yourself. Always remind yourself to keep the faith in yourself!

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