Opening Doorz Editorial | February 12, 2018

Maushmi Udeshi on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I am too lazy to exercise but I have a treadmill in my bedroom which I use sometimes, especially a few days before a shoot. I have included a bit of yoga (five days a week) with very basic pranayam asanas which I do for around half-an-hour daily. I am lucky to have a comparatively good metabolic rate because I don’t put on too much weight even when I sometimes go on a binge.

Eating Habits
I eat only vegetarian food at home. I prefer chapattis to rice. My mom makes multi-grain chapattis which one cannot have more than two as opposed to wheat chapattis which one can easily eat more as they are soft and tastier. We take stevia leaves in our tea at home instead of sugar which again lets me control my calories. I include lots of salads, dal and fruits in my day-to-day food to avoid extra calories. I can’t drink more than two to three litres of water a day and I feel we should not force ourselves to drink more than we can take!

I like to have a heavy breakfast with eggs and brown bread or dosa/uttapam or idli or upma or poha. If I am up late, I eat lunch straightaway with any of the above or alu/mooli/gobi stuffed parathas with curd. It’s always good to have some fruits before having lunch or dinner so that less food goes inside. For supper, I have sukha bhel or sprouts with freshly cut vegetables. Sometimes its only sprouts or sandwiches that I have for dinner if I am late. Once a week, I treat myself to junk food like burgers and pizzas.

If one has a tendency to put on weight, a protein diet with less carbohydrates is recommended. I would never advice anyone to diet, since acidity and gas problems are its symptoms. Instead, having smaller meals frequently is better.

Spiritual Quotient
I am quite hot tempered and I get stressed easily. That definitely affects my health. Hence, I have developed this habit of sharing my experiences with my mom and sister, which makes me feel good instead of angry. I thank God that I am born and brought up in Mumbai and I didn’t have to leave my home to come to struggle in Mumbai like many others do. Staying alone without my parents is one thing I cannot even think of. I need constant emotional support and I get that from my family.

I like watching TV when I have free time or I go out to watch a movie. This exercise helps me relax and destress from the hectic routine. My life’s mantra is simple: Keep working hard and do your best and leave the rest to God. I don’t worry about the people who do bad or try to run you down: I believe in the power of God and I have seen His justice.

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