Opening Doorz Editorial | October 06, 2017

Manasi Scott on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I was very active with Pilates and Altitude Training with Namrata Purohit, which alternated with a Prosport functional routine with Swapneel Hazare. However, of late, I find myself wanting to try out different things. Hence, Namrata started me off on Pole Dancing and Electric Muscle Stimulation workouts. I also do horse-riding but would like to do it more often and run outdoors a lot more, too. I am also planning on getting back to martial arts and Yoga as well. So I’m in transit currently, trying many things out.

Eating Habits

My eating habits were not the best up until four months ago when I decided to get healthy from within. I am vegetarian and have a massive sweet tooth and I love red wine. It took a lot of discipline to go off the wine and desserts and eat home-cooked, regular meals without wheat or bread or anything from a packet.

I have some cheat days when I make myself a pasta dish or noodle soup but I get back on track with just a little deviation. I don’t take any big pharma supplements anymore or protein shakes. My protein intake is natural—soya, sprouts, daal etc. Rice is the only carb I eat.

Spiritual Quotient

If I were to describe how I keep myself calm I would say I pray a lot. I also sing. Hugging my son is another form of connecting to my spiritual self. It’s divine. I also love to watch back-to-back TV shows to stop my mind from going into overdrive. I now want to start meditating and seriously practice singing on a daily basis.

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