By Manasi Scott | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 08, 2018

I first met Marcellus Baptista, 17 years ago in the era of ‘Fire N Ice’ and journalistic integrity. This was a time when people danced to the music that played, and also spoke to each other more; a time when the fashion industry was all about fashion (and Bollywood free) and Mumbai was the city as much as a state of mind.

Marcellus Baptista
Marcellus Baptista: The Complete Man!

I have known Marcellus Baptista from a time of chivalry and loyalty to when wifi took it all away and I have known him to carry forward all the charms of an era gone by almost single-handedly with his unique brand of journalism that has never failed to celebrate women.

I would say, we have grown into being friends through my teetotaler days to us enjoying our whiskeys together now. Marcellus Baptista has celebrated me, and countless other women all through the decades. So I thought it is now time to give some of that joy back to a man so many of us love.

Opening Doorz on International Women’s Day to a flood of love for Marcellus Baptista, a man every woman looks out for on the party circuit, a man every organizer has on the top of the guest list, a man without who, no Mumbai event is complete.

Truly, Marcellus Baptista is the complete man! For you; from us… dear Marcellus! Nothing left to say except Happy Women’s Day and thank you Marcy!!!

Marcellus Baptista

Suchitra Pillai

“Marcellus is that one familiar smiling face from the industry who I’ve known for 25 years. He is always there as a staunch supporter of anything us girls do. He has always been encouraging and is always around to give a sound advice when needed.”

Candice Pinto

“Marcellus is the one man I see standing at every event and every occasion around the country. He is that one smiling personality that I love to see all the time, his work is as good as he is as a person! We all love Marcellus.”

Marcellus Baptista

Natasha Suri

“Marcy is a recognized face at Mumbai social events since decades. Bumping into him at glittering fashion dos gives you a feeling of warmth. He is ever smiling and radiates an innate Goan happy energy wherever he is. Wishing him good health, happiness and many more wonderful evenings.”


Perizaad Zorabian-Irani

“I have known Marcellus from before I became an actor. His brother knew my parents and he’s known me as a child. Once I became an actor, it was always odd bumping into him at various events because, to me, he has always been more family than anything else. Marcellus is someone who’s causal cool demeanor is very calming. His conversations with you are always so relaxed and non-pressured that not for a second would one think that they are chatting with a journalist who’s looking for some meaty gossip. Even today, seeing Marcellus puts a smile to my heart and face. His printed shirts and grey hair, his glass of whisky in his hand and him surrounded by girls always is how I remember Marcellus. And when he decides to hit the dance floor, it’s just an added bonus!”


Martin D’Souza

“In a time fraught with journalistic flip-flops, if there is one man who has stood the test of time and continues to test the times, it is Marcellus Baptista. He has stayed true to his brand of journalism, never diversifying from his beat of ‘fun-n-frolic’ and the night life. Indeed, life has been a ‘merry-go-round’ for this lanky Bandra Bugger who cut his teeth in journalism in the prestigious Free Press House at Nariman Point, working for the Free Press Bulletin. I remember Marcellus taking me to the revolving restaurant at the Ambassador Hotel in Churchgate, Bombay, in my third week in journalism in 1987. There, sitting on the horse-back bar stool, I was introduced to Bombay’s night life. Years later, Marcellus would cover the best of parties for me for Bombay Times, when being written about in BT then, meant you had arrived. Times have changed; Marcellus Baptista has not. He continues to frequent the hottest parties, night after night, in an Amy Billimoria shirt adorned by blazers from Anj Kreations (he never forgets to give credit where it is due). We have been to many parties together and have bumped into a few way back when partying was fun for me. Today, I wonder how the guy manages to maintain his zest to be out there, night after night after night after night after night…”

Marcellus Baptista

Reshma Bombaywala

“I’ve known Marcy for almost three decades from when he was writing for the Afternoon Despatch & Courier. He has always been such a sport. Always cheerful, always courteous, always smiling and always writes with a positive outlook. He always mentions the best features of any event he attends. I truly admire that in a journalist and in him. It’s always a joy to see him enter a party, glass in hand, witty one-liners at the tip of his tongue. The best part is, one can feel safe around him and this is saying a lot.”

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