By Adah Sharma | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 06, 2017

Adah Sharma’s workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I exercise daily. I dance or do mallakhambh or run or walk or do yoga. Anything, if not something! If I’m shooting at a beach or am put up in a hotel by the beach, I prefer going there and working out after my shoot instead of in the gym. I don’t have any particular schedule. I have to enjoy working out and if it becomes a task then it takes the fun away, at least for me. I don’t use too much of external weights, I try to work out using my body weight, doing hand stands etc.

Eating Habits

I’m a vegetarian since birth and now, since the past 10 months, I have turned vegan.
I drink five litres of water a day since I sweat a lot. The vegetarian diet, contrary to popular belief, has a variety of protein: dals, pulses, peas. I have spinach which is rich in nutrition. My diet is high on carbohydrates since I exercise a lot, I need that energy. It’s a general balanced diet. I eat all the time, every two hours. I eat junk food once in a while as well, paani puri being my favourite.

Adah Sharma's workout routine
“I workout using my body weight,” says Adah Sharma.

Spiritual Quotient

I watch a lot of movies and serials. Sometimes, I mindlessly change channels on television watching movies in languages I do not understand without subtitles. Sometimes, I deliberately watch really terrible movies to distress. I love anything to do with movies. If I’m shooting all day and I am really busy, then I’m completely relaxed. Meditation for me is doing any activity with full concentration. I paint really intricate stuff. I’m an extremely hyper-active person. For me to stay calm is very difficult. I try being happy as much as I can. I usually look my best when I’m happy, my skin looks best and is acne-free when I’m not stressed!

(Adah Sharma is an Indian film actress who mainly appears in Hindi and Telugu language films. Adah, made her acting debut with a leading role in the 2008 Hindi language horror film 1920. Last week, she was seen in the Deven Bhojani directed action flick, Commando 2.)

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