Opening Doorz Editorial | February 06, 2017

Urvashi Sharma-Joshi on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I train with MFT Harrison James. His is well-known known for ‘Stud Training’. This is a customized training plan built according to ones needs and goals. For me, he focusses on combinations of cardio-strength training. Everyday it is a different training: it’s full of surprises and shock but gives mind-blowing results. I have pushed a100-kg bag by just punching and kicking it from one end of the room to the other. Push-ups and burpees are his favourite and he throws them over whenever he wants. Sometimes I have dance sessions, sometimes hardcore legs day. The more difficult the routine, the more fun and challenging it is for me. I would recommend the ‘Stud Training’ training method to all who are fitness freaks. It is not only challenging, but also refreshing!

Eating Habits
Eating is extremely simple when you train with MFT. There are no rules to stay off carbs post sundown or that of having several small meals a day. I eat everything and prefer home-cooked meals. Of course, I don’t have soda drinks, sugar-free or any other addiction so it’s easy for me to be disciplined. Having a balanced meal is the key to staying fit physically and mentally. I drink three to four litres of water everyday, two seasonal fruits and curd. These three are best for a healthy skin.

Spiritual Quotient
When it comes to spirituality I believe in karma, I live in the present. Worrying about the future is something I never do. There is nothing I can change by doing that! I am not a temple-goer but I am thankful to God everyday. He has given me such a beautiful family who I adore. Being at home with my loved ones gives me the utmost peace.

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