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International Women’s Day Special

Bagging a title at a Beauty Pageant enables a winner to make a career in Bollywood. And that is what most Beauty Contest winners aspire for. Nothing wrong in it. But Rashi Parasrampuria is different. “A lot many girls would want to get into acting, but this is just me. I don’t want to venture there,” says the recently crowned Miss Teen International India.

On January 25, 2021, Rashi was crowned a winner at The Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon, New Delhi. Gregarious and diligent is how this 18-year-old from the suburbs of Mumbai describes herself as. She swears by hard work and dedication and loves interacting with people and learning about new cultures, which keeps her perspective of life wholesome. A girl of many passions, Rashi refuses to box herself into one single category.

Having had the chance to grow up around parents who have inculcated the right values in her, Rashi connects deeply with those around her and empathizes with their sorrows and hardships. “The much you have, the much is expected from you’,” is her life motto. “I not only want to succeed but also serve society and it is this platform that will help my personality serve the purpose of my soul,” says the soft-spoken, deep thinking model, who is focussed on her academics.

Opening Doorz connected with the teenager who is currently doing her Bachelors in Business Administration at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Working with HIV affected girls is something that she is passionate about. “I not only want to break the stigma associated with HIV but also want to show the world that girls, if given a chance, can fly farther than anyone ever imagined.”


It’s almost a month now since the title, after the initial euphoria, what is your feeling right now?

The last month has taught me how victory gets so much sweeter when you have people to celebrate it with. I feel so blessed and grateful and I’m hopeful that I give all of them a reason to celebrate, post my international pageant as well.

What does this title mean to you?

It means being given an opportunity to make a difference, to be the change I wish to see and most importantly it means being called INDIA at an international platform.

Rashi Parasrampuria: beauty queen who is working with HIV affected girls!
“The much you have, the much is expected from you,” this is the motto Rashi Parasrampuria lives by.

The International Pageant will be sometime in June, 2021. How are you preparing for it, and what are your expectations?

I firmly believe that there is no substitute for hard work. Hence, I’m making sure to give it my best and I’m putting my heart and soul into the preparations. What is meant to happen will find its way.

When the winners were being announced after the final round, what was going through your mind? Was it a heart-pounding moment as it always is when standing on a stage facing a crowd… and a sigh of relief?

Eight months of rigorous hard-work all for that one moment. At that point, all I could possibly think of was how I had to win the Crown not just for myself but for everyone else who hoped I would win; for everyone that rooted for me. It was a moment I can’t put to words. Ultimately, the uncertainty, the adrenaline rush, was all worth it.

How did your journey into modelling begin? Were you always inclined towards the ‘beauty world’?

I have always been very passionate about modelling. Being able to express your emotions as you pose or walk the ramp is so empowering. Beauty for me is about being true to yourself and I am so glad I have been able to understand that the pageantry world is not only about your external attractiveness but also about your soul. 

Who are your role models?

My greatest role model is my mother; the angel who gave wings to my dreams and enough courage to help me take a leap of faith. She has taught me the true meaning of selflessness the moment her dream was to make all of mine come true.

Rashi Parasrampuria: beauty queen who is working with HIV affected girls!
“I have always been very passionate about modelling,” says Rashi Parasrampuria.

What is it that has got you to work for HIV affected girls?

Having had the chance to grow up around parents who have brought me out of my toughest times by being my pillar of strength, I do realise that there are girls out there who are facing greater challenges. I wish to be their pillar of strength. I not only want to break the stigma associated with HIV but also want to show the world that girls, if given a chance, can fly farther than anyone ever imagined.

How do you plan to make this work out?

In my opinion, the only way one can make anything work out is by having unwavering faith in oneself. I wish to only be my authentic self, not let anyone’s opinions overshadow my own, stand for what’s right without the fear of going wrong.

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Miss Teen International India: Rashi Parasrampuria
Miss Teen Universe India: Wachi Pareek
Miss Teen Earth India: Aishwarya Vinu Nair
Miss Teen Multinational India: Sayali Ayre

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  1. Really a matter of proud to be associated with social services particularly with HIV affected patients and think about needy and suffering among our society
    Where is the will there is the way
    Success comes with behaviour, simplicity, dedication and devotion
    God always helps those who helps others
    Pray you continue with your best

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