By Our Correspondent | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 08, 2018

On International Women’s Day, we at Opening Doorz are celebrating a man, who always celebrates women and three women, from different walks of life, all outstanding.

First up is a man being featured on Women’s Day. Marcellus Baptista, is described by Manasi Scott (singer, actor, music composer, hostess…) as a ‘Complete Man’. Raymonds, are you listening? “I have known Marcellus Baptista from a time of chivalry and loyalty to when wifi took it all away and I have known him to carry forward all the charms of an era gone by almost single-handedly with his unique brand of journalism that has never failed to celebrate women,” writes Manasi. Here, along with her, several other women speak out glowingly about the ‘Merry-Go-Round’ man.

Ragini Khanna minces no words as she stands up for her colleagues in the television industry, wondering why they get a step-motherly treatment when it comes to judging Reality Shows on Television. “A film actor who has just done one film is sought after like crazy. This is insane! Moreover, television is not limited to nepotism. There is no sense of entitlement here,” says she. Read all about where she disappeared for over two years, and why.

Purerose Baptista who turns 102 next month gets a special place here. “It has been a long journey and today in this fast-paced social media world with a bombardment of instant images and messages, it seems just right to reminisce on the good old days…” writes her celebrity son, Marcellus Baptista.

Sonali Bane is an ordinary woman doing extraordinary work. She shows us that all you need is a desire to make a change in society. Sonali is not only making a change but she is impacting the lives of many differently-abled people in a positive manner at her Lakshya Art Foundation. “Our mission is aimed at enhancing the quality of life of the differently-abled; to empower individuals with disabilities, to help them realize their potential and help them become active members of their families,” says she.

Come right in… Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day. Let’s Celebrate Life!

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