Opening Doorz Editorial | January 10, 2018

Lucky Nadiadwala Morani on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I have been blessed with a body that does not change much with or without workouts. Having said that, I must admit that I do love my body tone when I workout regularly. My hectic lifestyle, which involves a lot of travelling, does not allow me much discipline in following a proper regimen, but I try and workout at least four times a week when I am on home ground. I combine cardio with weights and do stretches at the end of my workout. I have tried yoga but have no passion for it.  Being a music lover, I enjoy dance routines and was a regular at my dance aerobic studio for a couple of years. All in all, I feel great mentally when I treat myself right, physically!

Eating Habits
My eating right largely depends on my physical training. When I workout, I eat more consciously than when I don’t. I start my day with a good intake of warm lemon water, this is followed by tea with biscuits which I really enjoy and then some fruits. Though not many believe it, I relish my carbs in every meal being more of a rice eater. I avoid wheat and rotis, but can’t resist ghee parathas when they are on my table. I eat a balanced meal with carbs and protein in balanced amounts, not avoiding anything. I enjoy mutton and lamb kababs are my favourite. I do enjoy fish too. I’m not much of a salad eater. And I have to end my meals with dessert—even if a little portion of it. I love Indian mithai and chocolate desserts and find it really hard to avoid them so I don’t ever try even giving it up because I know I’ll reach out for it no matter how much I feel I should not!

One eating tip: Never stuff yourself. Always leave a little room in your stomach enough to leave you active and mobile. Never drink water immediately after your meal: wait a minimum of 20 minutes.  Avoid colas during your meals and otherwise as well. They do no good for you. Finally, dieting is only for those who want to drop their weight quickly and drastically; or for models and actors whose looks earn them their bread and butter: they have to be very lean to look good on camera. Otherwise, eating sensibly in moderation and being physically active will always work in keeping your mind and body healthy.


Spiritual Quotient
I like to believe I’m God’s chosen one. I feel connected to my God in everything I do, be it work or leisure. He always bails me out from my difficult moments and is my guide through every endeavour. I don’t fail to pray my Friday namaz though I do feel guilty not praying more often. I fast on all 30 days during Ramadan and pray five times during that month. It’s miraculous, how even the smallest thought in my mind in that holy month gets manifested into reality almost immediately, as if on a button. This never fails to reassure me that I am being watched upon and truly blessed and that thought keeps me grounded and humbled always. I feel the month of Ramadan and all my prayers, fasts and meditation keep me going through the year. I don’t get stressed easily and remain calm in adverse situations. I derive my strength from it. It’s the month in which I disconnect from the world and retreat to sit on my prayer mat to have my one-on-one dialogues with my creator and lord of the world and hereafter.

My personal observation: The greatest icons have always been those who have never made a show of their wealth, stayed kind and humble to those less fortunate and treated them with the same respect as those with abundant wealth.

Last but not the least, my name is Lucky, and it does affect my life and daily activities to a large extent. I thank my parents Ibrahim and Firoza Nadiadwala, and also Mehmood uncle (famous Bollywood actor and comedian of yesteryear) who was a close family friend, for naming me Lucky for a reason!

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