By Sandhya Shetty | Opening Doorz Editorial | January 11, 2018

No feet, but an insatiable desire to stay fit. Meet Dev Mishra from Bihar who has made the streets of Carter Road his home these past three months. Every morning, without fail, you will find this 20-something youngster doing push-ups, pull-ups and working on his triceps, all with a smile on his face.

What perturbs him though is the lack of attention to fitness by most of the city people. And he has seen quite a life on Carter Road these past five months. “If I, without legs, can be regular with my fitness training, why do people run away from exercise?” he asks with a wry smile. “We have just one life and there is no guarantee to our bodies: one day it will fail us. But it is in our hands to stay fit and healthy.”

Dev Mishra
“We have just one life and there is no guarantee to our bodies: one day it will fail us. But it is in our hands to stay fit and healthy,” says Dev Mishra.

So how did he meet such a fate? Recalling the incident, which occurred almost five months ago, Dev says, “I was on my way to Hyderabad on some work. I was standing at the platform waiting for the train to arrive. There was a distance of just around 10 feet for the train to come, when I got a push from  the back. I don’t know whether it was deliberate or accidental. However, by the time I tried to pick myself up, the train had run over my legs.”

Speaking about his family, Dev says: “We used to be four of us—Mom, elder brother, me and my sister. Sister is married and my brother moved on with his life a few months after my accident. I lost my dad when I was very young.”

Coping with a tragedy like this was not easy for Dev, and everyday, after he was discharged from hospital, he tried different ways to end his life. “I was completely broken and devastated after my accident. I did not want to live anymore. I tried to commit suicide daily, but I guess, someone up there was not yet ready for me,” he smiles his infectious smile. “Every morning, after my failed attempts, I would see my mother, put a smile on my face and go out. I did not want her to see my pain. I wanted to see her happy”

A bachelor, something snapped inside Dev the day his brother insulted him. It made him so strong that today he has no fear and he knows that he will never fail. “My elder brother was more than a father to me. He was my friend, my partner, my everything! I don’t have much memories of my dad since he passed away when I was very young. But one day, he said: ‘You are alive because of me. The day I stop looking after you and providing for you, you will be dead’.”

“I was horrific. I felt a searing pain, more than that of the iron wheels of the train. That day I decided to fight every difficulty, weather every storm. I know now that I will never fail. I have that belief in me,” says Dev with no anger in his voice

His handicap is coming in the way of being employed. “Since I have no legs, no one wants to employ me,” he says before adding, “I make the best flower bouquets.”

Dev Mishra is a powerhouse of inspiration!

(Sandhya Shetty is a model, actor and also a karate exponent winning laurels for her state, Maharashtra).

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