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Book Review: Let it Snow
Authors: John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle
Rating: 4/5


John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle: three writers each with a different writing style, come together with three stories and one message for all young adults.

This young adult fiction novel’s three holiday stories intertwine with each other, and end with all the characters from each story meeting. Any teen or tween can relate to a part, or even the whole book, and may also find themselves stuck in the same situation, which in this case would relate to the huge snowstorm which incidentally brings these youngsters together.

Throughout the book, three different writing and language styles are seen for each author’s story. Each writer has an original style. But all these styles convey one meaning: there is something known as a Christmas Miracle.


Let It Snow explores a young adult’s feelings, right from feeling depressed and angry and then going through the process of achieving that Christmas joy which was lost in them that holiday season.

Attaining that happiness and joy of celebrating, not only Christmas, but also life, is captured in all three stories. Having that peace in your heart and mind happens when broken bonds are repaired, when you meet new people who teach you something valuable and guide you towards getting out of that colossal snowstorm you are stuck in, and also strengthening the relationship and bonding with your family. Throughout those stories, the parents are mentioned very briefly, while their relationships with their teenager’s vary in all three stories.

Maureen Johnson portrays Jubilee’s parents as concerned and anxious about their child. But they easily get blinded by Jubilee’s “perfect” boyfriend. This makes her approach towards telling her parents she wants to be happy and not perfect, a little difficult for her.

John Green portrays Tobin’s mother as overprotective and his father who always went with the flow. He enjoys the fact that his parents are not at home and therefore uses their car, and damages it in the snow.

Lauren Myracle shows that Addie gets annoyed with her mother for just smiling that ‘she’s just-a-teenager’ smile. Her family wants her to join in the festivities but she shuts herself out, which also maybe the reason why Myracle has only a line for her mother.

This book is ideal with the approaching holiday season, with its wry humour and impressive stories.

Activity: As a tween or teen, you may have many secrets which you haven’t shared with your parents. For the next month, confide in them with all your doubts and fears, and make them your best friend, and see how drastically your life will change.

Geneive D’Souza is a Grade IX student from Don Bosco International School (DBIS), Mumbai. She is passionate about writing, music, playing the piano and La Liga (FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi).

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