By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | December 20, 2018

Is Santa for real or am I getting old? Let me put it this way; Am I getting real or is Santa fading out? I mean even my kids, who used to believe a bit in Santa, now look at me askance when I bring in the Santa topic. They know that this guy who everyone spoke about more than Jesus is just a fib, who “Ho Ho Ho’s” around, trying to get cosy with children below 5 years, whilst running away from the eight-year-olds, because all they are really looking for is to pull off the mask or yank at the beard to see which neighbourhood uncle or aunty is donning the red, ill-fitting gown!

Actually, methinks this old guy who has been the reason kids have behaved before Christmastime (remember, “He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice…”) is soon fizzling out from Christmas parties.

Many parishes and schools are slowly doing away with the Santa guy, simply because the kids around him, who want to disrobe him, are difficult to handle. Also, he is taking away from the real reason Christmas is celebrated.

Now, Jesus is not someone who will come over and spoil a party. He is the perfect gentleman. But I guess, even He must be wondering what to do with this Santa guy who, over centuries, has become the focus of Christmas, not the babe in the manger!

I mean, c’mon, the ultimate gift has come down to us—God himself! And here we are, running after this fat bloke, who is throwing sweets around, not worried if the tiny tots [who have just been dropped by their parents in SUVs] come under the other’s boots, or has another child falling over him in the hope of retrieving that tiny 50 paisa toffee!

He looks and laughs as every child scrambles all over, while Jesus must be wondering what the heck is wrong with these kids!

But then, the kids hardly knew of Santa, and his games; it is us adults who have kept this myth alive, handing it down to our kids, as he was handed down to us, while our kids, ‘might’ hand him down to theirs!

I say ‘might’, because there is a high likelihood of Santa disappearing with this generation of kids completely. No child seems interested in him at Christmas parties anymore. Not even in schools!

All they want to do is hit the dance floor and unwrap the gifts their parents have left with the organisers.

As for Jesus, he looks mighty pleased as the guy who has usurped His birth for a long time will finally stay put atop the chimney!

And the Three Wise Men will be the ones who will give away the gifts…

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