By Geneive D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | June 07, 2017

Studying for exams was something Mona Singh was never good at. She ensured she had fun throughout the year and whenever exams drew near, she collected her books in frenzy and went into a huddle. Like most school kids, she too kept her books at bay! “I used to get nightmares when exams drew near, I did not know which book to look at,” she reveals reminiscing about her exam days. “I would wonder whether I had studied for the right subject, on my way to school!”

That was Mona didi during her school days; like most of us school kids today! Throwing light on the role that made her famous, the down-to-earth actor says, “It was the first role that I had in the film industry. I took it on since it was the central character. I had to wear soda glasses and couldn’t see anything clearly,” reveals Jassi. What really hurt her and still hurt are the braces she had to wear to look like Ugly Betty. “My teeth still ache because of those braces,” says the actor as she settles for a conversation, in between shots for her web series that she is shooting for.

Geneive D’Souza from Don Bosco International School (DBIS), Mumbai, caught up with the adorable Jassi with the aid of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention!


What motivated you to join showbiz?
Since I was a child, I just knew I could act. I always participated in school skits, drama, fashion shows, etc. I always wanted to do this. It was my dream and now I am living my dream.

How supportive have your parents been towards your choice of profession, or your dream as you so rightly put it?
My parents have always been very liberal. They always motivated me and my sister, Sona, in whatever we wanted to do. We always had a mind of our own. When I wanted to become an actor, my father said, “Its fine, you go be an actor, but first get a proper role, and then move to Mumbai”. I got Jassi. I packed my bags for the city of dreams saying goodbye to Pune!

Were you nervous the first time you were on stage?
I am still nervous. I am always nervous. And I think it’s a good thing to be nervous, because if you are confident and you think you know it all, it’s really wrong and could be the beginning of your downfall. So being nervous in a good way, like having butterflies in your tummy, is a good sign. I get nervous even today whenever the director says “ACTION”.

How would you describe your life in school?
I really enjoyed my school days and I was the naughtiest kid. My mom would constantly be called to school by my teachers to report what I had done. Having said that, I can safely say I was my teachers’ favorite. I was good in dancing, drama, skits. Every teacher loved me.

Did you ever enjoy Monday’s at school?
NEVER! I never wanted to get up early in the morning on a Monday. I always got the Monday morning blues.

When exam time drew near, were you tense?
Yes, I always used to be tense and I was the kind of student who would study at the last minute. This worked for me. But I used to get nightmares before my exams. I always wondered whether I had studied for the right paper!

Which was your most hated subject?
Math! Always! I never understood it.

And lastly, what is your message for students of Don Bosco International School?
Everybody should follow their heart and they should do what they think they are good at. Parents might think something else for you, but if you feel you should be doing some other thing, you should follow your heart!

(This interview first appeared in DBIS Connect, the school newspaper.)

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