By Aarian Parikh | Opening Doorz Editorial | January 16, 2019

Fresh. That’s the first word that comes to mind when one looks at the newest talent on the block—Alim Morani. Son of Mohomed and Lucky Morani, Alim, along with his indistinguishable twin Azhar, helm the Cineyug Group of companies fuelled with their fresh new concepts and ideas. Alim recently ventured into a domain he has been excited about since he was a kid—music. Rap music, to be precise.

The release of his new single “Let Me Live” under his stage name AyMo has been a great success with commendation from various places. Its profound lyrics and spirited rapping, along with the stirring video which features snippets of lives of the downtrodden, evoke a sense of warmth that this young man has chosen to bring to light and turn towards, which many simply turn away from.

Opening Doorz caught up with the jet-setting gennext Morani, the older twin, Alim, to talk about his work, his love for rap music and cultivating his talent and musical craft.

What was the driving emotion and force behind this new song of yours?
To me, emotion is everything that makes a song good. If a song is unable to bring some kind of emotion out of somebody, it’s unlikely the person would like the song very much. That emotion could be happiness, sadness, excitement, enthusiasm, anything. If a particular emotion inspires a song, there’s a good chance the song would also be relatable to somebody else, because most people go through the same kind of emotions for the most part. So for me, ‘Let me Live’ was an emotion I felt and I thought a lot of other people would have felt [that same emotion] at some point as wellthe emotion of feeling trapped but at the same time knowing it doesn’t have to be that way.

As an artist, it’s important to stay inspired and exposed to different aspects of the world to inspire your work. What inspires you?
This is true. For me, inspiration comes from the smallest things, and often from the most unexpected places. It could be an inspiring scene in a film, or from something I see on the street that saddens me or makes me feel grateful, or something as simple as somebody giving me more love than I feel I deserve. It’s all subjective. It’s all about how you perceive the world around you.

Since when have you been fascinated with rap music?
Since the early 2000s when hip-hop really started to blow up.

And at what age did you start penning down lyrics?
I was 13 when I started writing for fun.

Is this first song experimental and would you be considering a serious career in the music industry here?
Yes, this song was quite experimental in nature. And as anyone would, I’d love to make this shift from it being a passion to being a full-time job/career.

Is there a scope for rap music in the Indian music scene?
Yes definitely. Rap and hip-hop is a great way for creative people who also like music, to express themselves. It’s a great outlet, and with the amount of people we have in India, and the amount of problems people face in our country which people can relate to, hip- hop has massive potential here.

“Mum and Dad were not as surprised at the fact that I released a song along with a music video, as much as they were surprised about the fact that I released it without telling them,” says Alim Morani.

Do you believe we have enough platforms for upcoming talent who want to get a foothold in western music styles in our industry?
No. Indians who want to pursue western style music have limited opportunity for growth and for bringing their talent out there to the world. The labels in India focus more on music that would appeal to the Indian audiences. However, I believe India has a lot of western musical talent as well which should be brought to the rest of the world.

What advice or tips would you have for someone trying to get a start into the music scene here?
I’m not an expert or veteran; I’m still new to the music scene here, but I’d always suggest somebody with a passion to simply make a start. A start will get you on your way at the least. Where you go from there is what the journey is all about. Just start and do what you love with enthusiasm.

Do you have a message you wish to convey through your music?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no; I want to make all kinds of songs. From songs that have a message, to fun songs, to love songs, and sad songs. I just want to express myself through music, and be creative.

Which other genre of music do you like?
I listen to all genres of music. I don’t really limit myself. I enjoy electronic music, Hindi music, soulful music, pop music, old songs…

Finally, what has been the reaction of your parents to the release of this first song?
They kind of had an idea I was up to something. They have also been aware of my interest in writing and music, since years now. They were not as surprised at the fact that I released a song along with a music video, as much as they were surprised about the fact that I released it without telling them. It’s fine though, because they got over it soon enough and have been very supportive ever since.

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