By Lisha Gomes | Opening Doorz Editorial | July 21, 2020

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars
Author: John Green
Rating: 4.5/5

The Fault in Our Stars, John Green mesmerises…

John Green tells us a beautiful love story between two cancer fighters Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters aka Gus. Along with the love story he also draws attention to their struggles and pains; what their families go through and how they still manage to smile and stay happy through their diagnosis and treatments.

We all know how dreadful cancer is and how much it affects not only the person but also the people close him or her. Green weaves his words around Hazel who has cancer and where she is just a body of a number of trials by doctors, trying to help her live a little longer.

The story unfolds…

Sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace is diagnosed with cancer of the lungs at the age of 13; ever since, she has been home-schooled and has had a very minimal social life. She spends most of her time reading–mostly the same book over again, thinking and sleeping. She doesn’t have a very happy view of life because of her current state and is very aware that she is going to die and feels everything is a side-effect of dying.

Augustus Waters is a cancer survivor who has lost his leg in the battle with cancer. He is the opposite of Hazel; outgoing, friendly and extremely charming with an optimistic approach at life.

The Fault In Our Stars Book Review
Author John Green tells us a beautiful, gut-wrenching story in his book, The Fault In Our Stars.

Hazel goes to a Support Group once every week. The often dull and repetitious support group becomes less dull when Augustus shows up one day. This marks the beginning of their love story. Considering Hazel is still sick and knows she has a shirt time span left, she deliberately does not get close to anyone other than her parents. Augustus, on the other hand, is not afraid of denying how much he loves Hazel and how beautifully and intelligent she is. Even though she is a teenager, Hazel has never done things everyone her age does and falling in love was never on her list!

But she cannot ignore Augustus’ charm.

Love begins with a look, and a book…

Their favourite book An Imperial Affliction also about cancer is the starting point of their relationship. They go to Amsterdam to meet the author of this book. This is when their love actually begins to get real and neither of them tries to step away from it anymore. Even though they know they will not have a happy ending, they don’t hesitate confessing their love for each other.

This love story is so beautifully penned by Green that just as much as the characters, you too, as a reader, know it’s going to end but don’t want it to. Green makes you feel the emotions the characters are going through. “Apparently the world is not a wish-granting factory” and Green means the Quotes he quotes!

John Green knows how to hook you with a book…

Green who has made an impact with Turtles All the Way Down (2017) and Let It Snow, along with Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle definitely know how to make you feel all the emotions the characters go through. He uses simple language, along with the use of quotations to lay emphasis on certain parts. The quotes he uses are smartly infused into the narrative at important parts to make it relatable.

As you go through the pages of the book, there’s no chance, that at some point in time, you won’t have tears in your eyes. “Pain demands to be felt.” And you definitely experience that pain in the course of this book.

From humour to romance to heart-wrecking sadness, this book is a mixture of all these emotions, with a slight twist in the end.

For me, it is one of the best books I’ve read, yet. I can assure you that you will want to read this book again and experience all those emotions, once again.

Definitely a must read.

(Lisha Gomes is a third year BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media) student at St. Andrews College, Bandra, Mumbai. She is passionate about reading, enjoys singing and has also participated in a few dance shows. She plays soccer for her college. She was a star performer for her school, Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Borivali).

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