By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | December 17, 2019


Santa Claus comes once a year, mostly at midnight on Christmas Eve, when little children are asleep, to give them their gifts. And we have been told over the years that “he knows when we are sleeping, he knows when we are awake, he knows if we have been good or bad…” As little kids, we have tried our best to be good, especially before Santa’s coming. That he has taken over the delight of Jesus’ birthday is another story altogether.

However, for Riaan and Rahyl, Santa comes every day, in the form of Riteish!

Riteish Deshmukh Good Dad
Another candid moment captured by in-house photographer, Genelia

Riaan and Rahyl are blessed to have Father Christmas always hovering around them, on whose lap they can jump and whose hands they keep pulling either way, vying for his attention. Keeping pace with the two dynamos is what Riteish excels in. Pulled either way, he regales in the attention his kids ask for and is happy to give it. Questions pour in by the dozen from either side as Rahyl (5) and Riaan (3) want to know the answers from their “baba”.

“Baba” answers patiently, while they stick to him like a magnet.

Being a parent is easy; anybody can be a father or a mother but it takes a lot to be a good father or a good mother! Time is the most important gift one can give our children; time, away from our mobile phones when around with them. This is apart from our presence in their growing up years.

Growing children need their parents by their side. I have known of parents who have let their children grow “automatically” without their presence or giving them their time. “I am giving them their bread and butter,” is what one Dad once told me when I questioned why he did not spend time with his son. Another Dad who I asked why he did not go home after work told me, “The trains are crowded!”

So whenever I see a Father bond with his child, it gives me a special thrill. I know that the child will grow up to be a confident child; confident emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Riteish Deshmukh Good Dad
Give me one moment in time…Riteish immerses himself in a moment with his son

Riteish enjoys every moment in time when he is around his sons, and despite his busy schedules makes it a point to give more than 100 per cent. Watching from the sidelines, Genelia photographs those candid moments husband spends with their sons. One such gorgeous image (lead image) was posted on social media on Father’s Day this year with the caption: “Best pictures are clicked when no one poses for them… I’ve known you through various phases of life but the role I love the most is you as a dad… I look at our children adoring you and I can only understand why they do… I sometimes think that I have to learn to be a better parent from you because you are all that and more… The boys are blessed to have you.”

This was somewhere in Memphis and the picture captures gratitude in full bloom. Gratitude for life; gratitude for love; gratitude for the offspring of love; gratitude for God’s glory in all its beauty!

One look at the picture and you know why it’s Hum Hai Rahyl Pyaar Ke.

Happy Birthday Riteish, may you continue to be blessed like you have been and continue to be a blessing to those around you.

The world needs more Dads like you.

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