By Geneive D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 05, 2019

Being an NBA (National Basketball Association) fan and a basketball player for my school, getting to watch a match in a stadium ‘live’, was a chance of a lifetime. The whole feeling of being on the ‘scene of action’, before, during and after the match was out of this world. And it was thanks to the effort of our school, Don Bosco International School (DBIS), that we had this amazing chance to witness NBA played in India for the very first time.

The joy of sitting in an actual stadium, watching actual professionals play was something that I was soaking in as I positioned myself in the comfortable seat at the NSCI Dome, Worli. You can never stay put during a match; you’re either sitting on the edge of your seat, or you’re bouncing up and down with excitement after an extremely incredible shot, which we were witnessing aplenty.

A few of the students from Don Bosco International School, Matunga

The match was conducted like it was an actual playoff game; the ones which we are used to watching at home ‘live’ on television. But at home, your view is only limited to what the camera shows you, whereas when you watch it in a stadium, you can look anywhere—you can see a move being built up, and have the time of your life.

The match finished with TJ Warren from Indiana Pacers scoring a total of 30 points, while his teammate, Domantus Sabonis, totalled 21 points. Sabonis, who had a bleeding ear in the first half, was back on the court in no time.

But the highlight of the game was the epic shot by Yogi Ferrell of Sacramento Kings, way further from the half-line, just before the half-time hooter. After the shot, it was mayhem for a full five minutes as all the school kids were screaming their lungs out.

Watching this terrific heave from beyond half court, ‘live’, in a stadium, was unbelievable. So far, I have only witnessed Stephen Curry’s half-court baskets. Ferrel’s shot will always be remained etched in our minds as the best shot from the first NBA match in India ever.

Thank you Yogi!

In the dying seconds of the game, trailing by three points, Pacers looped in a three-pointer to equalize the score at 118. The game went into extra time. This got everyone hyped up. The whole stadium was screaming—chants of “Pacers” and “Kings” got drowned out.

When the players got onto the court, after a short break, no one could sit anymore. A miss from the Kings, the Pacers fans cheered; a steal by the Kings, the Kings fans cheered. The stadium was bursting with energy.

In the dying seconds, yet again, Sacramento Kings managed to score, but unfortunately, it was a layup. They still required a point to equalize at 132.

At the final hooter, it was the Pacers who won by a slender point!

The whole experience was incredible and I’m looking forward to another ‘live’ NBA encounter—here, there or anywhere!

A big thank you to our school Administration and a shout out to our Sports Director, Sir Edgar Mascarenhas and his sports team for making this event possible. A thank you to Reliance Foundation, too, for getting the teams to India.

(Geneive D’Souza is a Grade X student from Don Bosco International School (DBIS). She is passionate about writing, music, playing the piano and La Liga (FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi).

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