By Aarian Parikh | Opening Doorz Editorial | February 17, 2018

Music is indeed the universal language: irrespective of which walk of life you come from, or what you do. Professor at Asmita College of Architecture, Nauman Memon who has a degree in Civil Engineering and Masters in Architecture, has showcased his talent and love for music with his latest cover of the song Baarishein by Anuv Jain on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). Through the infinite boon of social media, Memon has canvased his video on social media through Youtube, Facebook , Whatsapp and Instagram. The impassioned song features an equally eloquent music video, which is sure to touch a few hearts.

The initial notes draw the listener in with a Louis Fonsi-like Despacito tune, before it mingles into a soulful love ballad. Nauman displays a good screen presence as well as showcases his soothing voice, exhibiting quick variations in tone.

When asked about his love and involvement with music he says: “It’s been a couple of months since I took music seriously, before that I had just performed a couple of times at the annual day function of the college I teach at. When I randomly uploaded my first two performances on Facebook and it went viral, I got many calls and messages from friends and family commending my effort. That’s when I realised that I sing well.” It must be noted here that Nauman is an untrained singer. “Whatever I have learned is only through listening to music.”


Despite the project being self-funded (he spent around Rs 35,000), he was elated to mention that this would have been impossible without it being a ‘team effort’ with a band from Mira Road (a distant suburb in Mumbai), called Rooh Eternal. “They played an integral part in guiding me on picking locations for shooting the video sequences and with the music production as well,” Nauman reveals.

His uplifting message behind this video is “Dreams don’t have to come true by the age 20, 30 or 40. They often occur long past when you thought possible.” Regarding his upcoming projects he reveals, “In a few months I will be doing some more covers and also some original compositions too. I just need people’s support and I’ll make sure they won’t be disappointed. Whenever it comes to love songs, I want people to count me in the list of their favourite singers. I’ll make sure I never let them down.”

With his likeable spirit, youthful enthusiasm and a desire to please his audience, the 29-year-old likes to take things one step at a time. With a job of teaching taking most of his time, does he harbour hopes of being a full-time singer in the music industry? “I never plan things; I like it when life surprises me. I just want to keep working hard. Rest all is destiny,” he smiles.

Indeed, hard work coupled with an always-looking-forward-attitude, can make anything possible, and as Nauman says: “It’s never too late to make your dreams come true!”

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