By Nadim Memon | Opening Doorz Editorial | March 04, 2017

DAY ONE: India vs Australia
Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru
Score: India: 189 | Australia: 40/0 (16 overs)


The Toss
It was a good toss to win for India but unfortunately the Indians walked into their own trap. The wicket is dry. It looks like it has not been watered for over two days. Who is responsible for preparing these type of wickets and under whose instructions are these wickets being prepared? This is not the nature of a Bengaluru wicket!

The Pitch
Is the pitch in favour of India or Australia? You can see dust flying (as soon as the ball hits the deck) from day one. How will people come to watch Test matches? Is this how a gentleman’s game is now being played? If we prepare such wickets and fall into our own trap, we will soon become the laughing stock in International cricket.

The Team Balance
Australia has five left-handers and India has no leg-spinner. The Aussies have come prepared: they have practiced in Dubai before coming to India. Now, India will find it difficult to bounce back as Australia will bat well tomorrow.

Indians Have Forgotten to Play Spin
We have not learnt from the Pune Fiasco. Even an ordinary bowler will become a hero on a track like this; we are seeing ordinary bowlers becoming strike bowlers. The Indians have forgotten to play spin bowling; they have forgotten their natural game. We could not play their off-spinner, Nathan Lyon!

(Nadim Memon is a man of the maidans. He is a curator, a sports lover, a cricketer, a footballer and more, importantly a fierce protector of maidans for the younger generation!)

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