By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 13, 2017

openingdoorz wishes Urvashi Sharma, now Raina Joshi, a very Happy Birthday.

In a short span of just under six films, Urvashi Sharma established her credentials as an actress with depth. Immediately after her debut film Naqaab, alongside Akshaye Khanna and Bobby Deol, she was offered an eight-film deal with Venus. That it never saw the light of day is another story. That move in itself emphasized the fact that this here was an actor ready for the long haul.

The Abbas-Mustan thriller which she debuted in saw the best of Urvashi. For a newcomer, she carried off her scenes effortlessly. She was at ease with a scene in a saree, as equally as she was in a bikini. Add to it her intense eyes that pierced you through from the screen. You knew that the girl had oomph and talent all rolled into one—a rare quality these days.

Two years after Naqaab (in 2009) she was seen in Baabarr, a gangster flick. Though the film failed to make a splash at the Box Office, Urvashi’s Zia did. She came out with all guns blazing as Zia, the criminal’s girlfriend. It was a role which gave her a small space in the entire plot; but that did not limit her from going all out. Urvashi made a solid statement to create an impact of that of a seasoned performer.

The film’s last scene with the late Om Puri was a lesson in tugging at one’s heart with just the eyes as a prop! Zia, the character, has stuck with me since then!

Unfortunately, no other films materialized for her and simultaneously, she started dating businessman Sachin Joshi, who she later married. It was bye-bye to the screen for the time-being as her daughter Samaira was born in January 2014. Two years later she came back on television but soon moved away. “The effort has to be worth my while to spend time away from my daughter,” she told me when asked why she was not continuing with her television show. “I’d rather be with my daughter now when she needs me then hang out with her when she doesn’t.”

Makes sense: How can a mother (or father for that matter) bond with a child who she/he has not spent enough quality time with during the growing up years and then expect the child to have you around after they become an adult?

After marriage, Urvashi became Raina Joshi and began looking after one part of the hospitality business. And although she has not drawn the curtains yet on movies (she plans to come back in some way), right now she is busy with preparations for the coming of their second child this December.

Urvashi is out of her Naqaab. She’s no more that shy girl. Moreover, she has stayed grounded. She’s the same as she was after her first release. Her friends will vouch for that. No unnecessary airs, still approachable, and still very down-to-earth.  And yes, she answers your call at the first instance! If not, she will call you right back. There are many who change colours after they attain fame and fortune.

Happy Birthday Urvashi, keep spreading the love!

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