Movie Review: Bheja Fry

It’s slick, neat and clean. Above all, it lives up to its name—Bheja Fry. As in you don’t come out of the theatre with your brains in a mess, but rather grinning at a comedy well made. There is a plot and a sub-plot and the scenes are woven, one into another with finesse, which highlights the vision of the director.

Vinay Pathak carries off this film on his stocky shoulders with aplomb. The actor, who made his mark, first as a veejay and then in the Great Indian Comedy Show, has come of age. If his role in Say Salaam India was small, here, he hogs the limelight as well as screen space. It must have been a brave decision for director Shyam Bellary to put the spotlight on Vinay, who as Bharat Bhushan brings the house down.

Right from the time he boards the bus to Pune to when he walks in to Rajat Kapoor (Ranjeet’s house), till the last phone call, Vinay is in his elements. His facial expressions and comic timing is unbelievable. So are his conversations on the phone as he tries to help Ranjeet find out where his wife is. And when he does convince Sarika (Rajat’s wife) of her husband’s love for her, he goes back to square one in the last shot! “IDIOT,” shouts Rajat just a minute after Vinay makes him promise never to call anyone that!! Such an irony. Full marks to Bellary for his conviction in his cast.

Vinay without Ranvir Shorey is like dosa without sambar. The two make a great pair when it comes to comedy. As the IT inspector, who is fond of cricket, Ranvir entertains in his short act. The scene when he drops in at Rajat’s home on Vinay’s insistence and learns that his wife is out with another man is brilliantly funny.

Rajat Kapoor as the bored music company owner who is in search of idiots for his weekly Friday night parties, too puts in a stellar performance. So does Sarika and Milind Soman.

The dialogues are dazzling and right from the word “Action” to “Cut” the movie rolls on without a blemish. Go on, Bheja Fry is worth many trips to the multiplex!

Rating: 3 / 5

Martin D’Souza

This first appeared on on April 13, 2007


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