Movie Review: Kick

The movie actually begins when Devi Lal Singh and Devil, both slice through Dr Shaina and Himanshu on a Poland street asking for directions to a doctor’s clinic. Yes, Sajid Nadiadwala takes this much time to get the action rolling in Kick.

Immediately after this scene, the words I N T E R V A L flashes on screen and expectations rise sky-high.

Up until then you are treated to a lackadaisical fare, where Nadiadwala spends time with Shaina (Jacqueline Fernandez) and Himanshu (Randeep Hooda) on a train journey. Both have been set up by their respective parents for a potential marriage alliance. But Himanshu, a top cop, detects than Shaina is lost in love. After a little probing she reveals her meeting with Devi Lal Singh (Salman Khan) when on a trip to India and his antics, especially his wanting to get a ‘kick’ out of everything he does.

He won’t settle for a 9-to-5 job and has so far resigned from 52 such jobs. Highly educated, he is looking for something else in life. And even though he loves Shaina, he parts ways when her nagging gets too much, saying, “I want to grow old with you, not because of you.”

A year has passed and Shaina has not heard from Devi, who also promised her he will earn millions. Meanwhile, Himanshu startles her by telling he too has someone in his life, who he cannot forget—Devil, who is behind big robberies involving crores of rupees. His modus operandi is simple: he targets those who have been in the news. He has come on an assignment to Poland because he knows Devil will strike here for his next big heist.

Immediately after the I N T E R V A L, Nadiadwala delivers another gem… Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I bet, you will stand up and applaud after his very first scene. This guy runs away with the film, until the final 15 minutes when Devil and Devi both come back in form, with a twist in the tale… a heart-touching twist, one what Being Human is all about.

Wheeled into a hospital in an emergency, doctors try hard to revive Aslam (Nawazuddin). He is declared dead and his Minister uncle (Vipin Sharma) is forlorn. But Aslam has this knack of playing dead for 15 minutes. Since he is Devil’s next target, he wants to know who Devil is and the doctor is his only hope. When the doctor refuses, he tells him, “Mere paas time nahin, aur tere paas bacha nahi,” before making a sound from his mouth and letting out a semi-hysterical laughter which becomes his signature for the entire film.

The action sequences in Poland filmed by a foreign technical crew are an adrenaline rush. It’s slick, and executed with finesse. Bhai fans are going to have a blast seeing their hero ride a double decker through a crowded street, cross in front of a speeding train knocking off his bicycle, nonchalantly, at the last second, or even jumping out of high-rises. This is a definite treat.

But the best treat is when Nadiadwala reveals the reason for Devi’s ‘Devil-may-care-attitude’. That is when even Himanshu has no words or no bullets left.

Jacqueline Fernandez is almost frozen all throughout the movie. She only comes alive with the song Chumme Ki Raat, blazing the dance floor with fluid moves. In fact it is Nargis Fakhri who blazes in her item number. Vipin Sharma is another actor who surprises with his maniacal brilliance.

When Devi apologizes to Himanshu, after being inducted into the police force by the Home Minister to track Devil, Himanshu says, “Chokri bhi le liya, aur naukri bhi. Bhai, tujhe samaj nahi sakta.”

“Mein dil main aata hoon; samajh mein nahi,” smiles Devi Lal Singh.

This dialogue alone is enough to bring the house down.

Well done Sajid and congratulations on your dabaang directorial debut.

Rating: 4 / 5

Martin D’Souza

This first appeared on on July  25, 2014


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