By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | November 17, 2016

Neha Sharma has managed to create a huge buzz around Tum Bin 2 which releases tomorrow. And that is thanks in the main to her prowess as an actress. She may be mouthing a dialogue but her eyes have already conveyed her emotions even before she utters the first word. It’s no wonder film-makers have shown confidence in her.

Martin D’Souza catches up with the ‘powerhouse of talent’ who was last seen in Youngistaan. 


The promos look picturesque and promising, what does Tum Bin 2, hold for you?
We have shot the film in Glasgow and I think it’s a beautiful city to shoot a film in, hence the look of the film. For me, it’s a very important film as I play a pivotal character. Taran (my character), has been a challenge to play as she has a beautiful journey in the film where she goes through a gamut of emotions which is a joy for an actor to play.

So it’s going to be ‘that one film’ you are looking forward to?
We have all worked hard and I’m sure this film will do well. I’ve been in this industry for nine years now, but it’s not been as rewarding so far. Having said that, I must admit I’m still getting good offers despite my movies not doing well at the Box Office. I’m really grateful for that.

You convey a lot of your emotions through your body, is that a conscious effort or does it come naturally?
I’m a very spontaneous actor so whenever I convey an emotion it’s the instinctive reaction that comes from me; an honest and genuine reaction that would come from an individual when thrown in a situation. I think that is the best way to genuinely feel a scene or emotion.

Neha Sharma talks Bollywood
“I’m a very spontaneous actor so whenever I convey an emotion it’s the instinctive reaction that comes from me,” says Neha Sharma.

I remember this particular scene vividly in Jayantibai Ki Luv Story where you are locked in a room with these two characters who try to run you down… You do everything with your eyes and a slight quiver of your lips…
The last time we spoke, I remember you told me that it was a scene you really liked. Coming back to it, even in that scene I put myself in the shoes of a girl who moves into a big city with big dreams and what she would go through if people behaved like that when taking an interview. It was totally instinctive.

Do you have a theatre background, considering the finer nuances of your performances?
No training as such. I always participated in dancing, singing and drama in school. I just loved the stage and performing.

Did you always want to act in movies?
No. it was something that happened out of nowhere.

How did the interest in acting catch up?
I always loved performing and I guess Cinema excited me a lot. Watching films was something I thoroughly enjoyed. The Academy Awards always happened during exams in school and I would be so excited to watch them; that’s the reason why I did not fare well in those papers. It was just a matter of time. I got my first film and I loved the experience too much to consider any other profession.

Neha Sharma talks Bollywood
“One has to be a million things to get work in the industry,” reveals Neha Sharma.

How did your first movie Crook come about?
I had already got my big break in the most anticipated south film (Telugu) Chirutha that had marked the launch of Mr. Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan.  Mohit and Mukeshji were looking for a new girl for Crook and I came and met them. I think they felt I fit the bill. So I got that film without an audition as I’m sure they had seen my south film.

What has been the response after you have been recognized as an actress of repute?
I think the start was wonderful. I got the love of the audience and critics alike. But I guess the industry only really warms up to you when you have a number of successful films.

Do you feel talented actors get their due in this industry?
I hope they do. I want to live with that hope. I hear that about twenty-five thousand people come to Mumbai everyday to become actors. So I don’t really know how many talented ones actually make the cut. I feel the number is far and few.

Is there anything more than being a good actor that one has to be in this industry to get good roles?
One has to be a million things to get work in the industry and getting a good role is a mammoth task according to me. There is PR, networking and a million other things.

Has your journey been satisfying or frustrating so far?
Initially it was frustrating because everyone who enters the industry has a million dreams and aspirations, but slowly I came to terms with how the industry works and ever since it has been a fine journey.

How are you going about by way of meeting the right people… do you have a secretary?
I think finding the right representative is the biggest key in this industry. It takes a while to meet the right people. But I can say that finally it’s going in the right direction.

What is the best compliment you have received for your acting so far and from whom?
I think you were one of the first few and kindest people Martin who actually acknowledged my work and loved it too. It holds a special place in my heart.

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  1. True – One has to be in million to get through as actor or actress in Industry. But the finance part of film industry is not up to the mark. If producers make their finances right, then there would be more hits, and stars would be really “Shining” Stars -having cash and luxury as their Hollywood counterparts.

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