By Marcellus Baptista | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 18, 2019

You must be thinking that the pretty young thing (PYT) has got no work; her only job is to get clicked at page 3 parties. But I got a whole new perspective when I met one such girl at the bar.

“Cheers!” I said, sipping my whisky-soda as she had her gin-tonic. “I see you at all the parties. You must be feeling really lucky to get invited all the time.”


“What lucky!” she wailed. “It is so much of hard work every single day. I don’t know what to wear.”

“But you seem to be looking good all the time,” I said. “In fact, you look so good that I feel anything will look good on you, you don’t have to bother too much.”

“What do you know!” she said. “As soon as I get an invite I shudder and wonder what to wear. Should I wear red or blue or green, or a combination of these colours? And most often there is a red carpet, so perhaps red would not be a good choice. However, sometimes there is a blue or green carpet and I end up looking foolish in blue or green.”

“Guess it can be a problem,” I said. “We don’t wonder too much, just put on a pair of trousers and team it with a shirt or T-shirt and jacket.”

“You men have it easy, it is us girls who have to be very careful,” she said. “We can’t repeat an ensemble too soon; we can’t even buy our clothes at Palladium since someone else may opt for the same look.”

“Yes, did not think of that,” I said.

“So it is designer wear most of the time,” she said. “Designers give us clothes since they get credit when our pics are published. Sometimes we have to return the outfit, sometimes we are lucky to get it for keeps.”

“Okay, enjoy yourself, it’s time for a refill,” I said.

“That’s another thing,” said the PYT. “Should I stick to gin or should I switch to whisky or wine or craft beer that would make me look cool?”

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