By Marcellus Baptista | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 25, 2019

Diwali gifting has taken a drastic turn today, as I realised when I stepped into a shop. “Where are the Diwali sweets?” I asked the shopkeeper.

“There are no sweets this year,” he said. “But you can take your pick of umbrellas and raincoats.”

“Surely you must be joking,” I said. “You don’t expect people to gift umbrellas and raincoats for Diwali.”

“We have to be practical and topical,” he said. “Just look at the weather, it has been raining every day and night. So, a good gift this season is to give your loved one a brand new umbrella or raincoat.”

“This is too much,” I said. “Forget sweets, what about frying pans and pressure cookers? Those seem to have been a favourite in years gone by.”

“Frying pans and pressure cookers are a thing of the past,” he said. “So too are mixer-grinders and dinner plates. Come, let me show you our brand new range of umbrellas and raincoats.”

“I already have a folding umbrella,” I said. “And I don’t wear a raincoat.”

“Yes, I understand that it could be a bit of a bother to wear a raincoat for when you step indoors you don’t know where to keep it; an umbrella is handier.”

“It would look funny if I give someone an umbrella for Diwali,” I said.

“There is nothing funny about an umbrella gift,” he said. “In fact, people will think you are very thoughtful and would appreciate your kind gesture.”

“Well, people want new clothes and new things to brighten up their homes this festive season,” I said. “Even if I give them a bright coloured umbrella, instead of a black one, it would not be the same.”

“You will be amazed at the variety of umbrellas we have,” he said. “At least look around and see what takes your fancy.”

“Sorry to bother you and waste your valuable time,” I said. “You must be having other customers to attend to.”

“Okay, okay, I know just what you need,” he said, handing me an umbrella. “This is a very special one. When you open it, it will stop raining!”

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