By Marcellus Baptista | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 04, 2019

A stylist to the stars may be making big bucks, but it can be a tough life. Well, she (it’s always a she) has to see that the star looks good and is not trolled all over town which can reflect on the star though it actually reflects on the stylist since the star was just following the instruction of the stylist.

A stylist has to see to so many things. Gone are the days of the red carpet appearances. Sure, the red carpet is there but then today people have decided to change the colour of the carpet—sometimes you have a blue carpet or a purple, black or white carpet.

Red on red may not be a good choice, as is black on black, white on white, blue on blue, purple on purple. But will red look good on purple, purple look good on blue, blue look good on red, black look good on white, white look good on black? Or a technicolour outfit looks good on any carpet?

The stylist has also to see whether the colour suits the star; not all stars are comfortable with fiery red, some would prefer soft blue or royal purple, others a vibrant yellow like a sun bursting on the horizon.

Say the colour is sorted; there is the question of the actual ensemble. Should it be a gown or jeans-and-jacket or would that be too casual? And should the jeans be ripped and how many rips per leg? Yes, a stylist’s job is real hard.

Should the Bollywood star wear something that looked good on a Hollywood star? Or would that be considered copying? The question is whether to dress the star in western wear or Indian wear or perhaps an Indo-western fusion? But would that be fusion or confusion?

Yes, the stylist gets confused all the time; short sleeves or long, ruffles or not, mini or maxi, slit dress or deep-necked top? Ethnic or exotic?

Well, finally, the stylist decides on the look and hopes for the best. Then she goes home, looks in the mirror and screams, “OMG! I look like a mess. I think I need a stylist!”

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