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Miss beautiful smile is the first title Disha Patil won at a pageant when she was just eight years old. Since then, she brightens up a room and ignites that positive energy with that pretty curve across her face. Born and brought up in the city of oranges—Nagpur, this 22-year-old looks forward to moving to the ‘City of Dreams’ to make it big in modelling and also try her luck at acting. 

Disha is an architecture student who is working tirelessly to make her dreams come true. Walking the ramp at the age of 8 is her favourite childhood memory. Balancing studies and modelling is something she has been doing since she was 18 and is certain that, “If you are passionate about something, you will figure out a way to manage everything.” Her family and friends have always encouraged and supported her and with this support, she is ready to battle anything that stands between her and her goals. 

Opening Doorz caught up with the Vadilal girl who surprised herself with her overall performance in the recent TVC. Her body language, expression and mischievous grin as she feasts on an ice-cream stick are simply wow.


When did you realise you wanted to pursue modelling?

Growing up I was an active kid who participated in numerous extra-curricular activities like dance, swimming, drawing and sports. I’m also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer. Sensing my enthusiasm in all these activities, my mother enrolled me in a junior beauty pageant at the age of eight, where I won the subtitle of ‘Miss Beautiful Smile’. Walking the ramp as an eight-year-old will always be my favourite childhood memory. Modelling and beauty pageants have attracted me ever since and eventually became my passion.

Kriti Sanon inspires me
‘Do not compromise, big things are coming for you’, is Disha Patil’s motto in life.

How did you start your modelling journey?

As I turned 18, I started auditioning for beauty pageants and have been modelling since I was 19. I was a city finalist for Oppo Times Fresh Face 2017 and a State Finalist for Sakal Beauty of Maharashtra 2018. I won my first pageant at the national finale of Central Fashion Icon 2018 as a Second Runner-up. This was followed by winning the title of Shravan Queen Nagpur 2018. Maharashtra Times Magazine Diwali edition 2018 featured me on their cover. In 2019, I was the finalist for Femina Stylista West and was recognized and featured as the ‘Face of Fortnight’ in the Femina issue of March 24 2019. I have also been crowned Campus Princess 2020 Finalist at Bhopal. This made me push my limits and I bagged the first spot in the Top 5 for Femina Miss India Maharashtra 2020. 

How have you been able to balance studying and modelling considering Engineering is demanding? Is modelling your main focus at this point?

Not only my parents but even my professors in college have been extremely supportive of my passion for modelling. Auditioning and modelling required me to come to Mumbai and even miss classes sometimes, but the college has been supportive. As of now, both modelling and completing my graduation are my focus but I do look forward to building a career in modelling. Later maybe I could go back and complete my Master. As of now, modelling and acting have been my prime focus. 

Who has been your biggest support throughout this journey of yours?

My mother has been my strongest support in this journey; she is the strongest woman I have known. From modelling shoots to auditions for pageants, she has always been there for me. Even though my dad asked me to focus more on my studies, my mom always supported my dreams and what I loved doing. Being a Tarot card reader herself she always teaches me the importance of being independent as a woman. Sometimes, while making a decision, I have moments of doubt and I hesitate to take risks but she’s the one who encourages me. She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. 

Kriti Sanon inspires me
‘Miss Beautiful Smile’ is the first title Disha Patil won at the age of eight.

Tell us something about your Vadilal experience.

Shooting for the Television Commercial was an experience in itself. For the first time, I realised how a film unit works. It is all teamwork. I had a blast. The ad was shot in an actual theatre.

Who from the industry inspires you?

Kriti Sanon is someone who inspires me from the industry. I resonate with her journey as she too started with TVC’s and smaller roles before making it to the big screen. 

What is something that you always keep in mind… a motto?

‘Do not compromise, big things are coming for you’, is something I have always kept in mind. Especially where acting is concerned, I wouldn’t want to settle for something small. I aspire to achieve bigger things and always keep in mind that my family has my back through all the ups and downs. I feel good things are coming my way, so I’ll wait patiently, which is very important in both acting and modelling.

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