By Our Correspondent | Opening Doorz Editorial | June 13, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Soccer World Cup fever begins in Russia tomorrow and Opening Doorz kicks off with sketches and predictions by Jemimah D’Souza, a Grade IV student of Don Bosco International School (DBIS), Matunga, Mumbai (India), an avid sportsperson, besides being a musician and an artist.

We catch up with the creative Jemimah, who represents her school in the U-11 Basketball ‘B’ team. She loves to play Hockey and Cricket as well.

Jemimah predicts an Argentina victory. On second thoughts, she says, Brazil too has a strong chance of winning the Cup. Considering she has Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr and Cristiano Ronaldo on her poster, we ask her if she won’t be sad if Portugal does not win. “Not so much,” she smiles.” Ask her why and she says cheekily, “Because Ronaldo is my least favourite.”

Between the three, Argentina and Brazil and the more stronger teams she says.

It's Argentina... or Brazil

Lionel Messi: I like Messi because of his confidence levels and the manner in which he concentrates. He is the Diego Maradona for the new generation of soccer lovers. He is swift on the field, and I think it is not too late for him to win the World Cup.

It's Argentina... or Brazil

Cristiano Ronaldo: I was impressed with Ronaldo after reading about his early years and how he got into soccer. I have read the book, Ronaldo by Luca Caioli. What I also like about him is his technique.

It's Argentina... or Brazil

Neymar Jr: I like his footballing skills (like Messi) and his team Brazil makes him brighter and stronger. I do hope he keeps a watch over his ‘back’ this World Cup. It was sad to see him being carried away on a stretcher in Brazil in 2014.

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