Opening Doorz Editorial | March 08, 2017

They are special, emotional and strong
Righteous and tall
But for their fathers
They are just tiny little dolls!

They make warm sisters to their brothers
Who are always loved more by the mothers
They make daughters to their in-laws
Who need to be cared for and need an old age stick to applause!

They live two different lives
Before and after their marriage
They are Cinderellas Floating in the air
With no real a carriage!

They change overnight
From a daughter to a stranger
For the parents whose house they leave!

They have no place in the house where they grew up
No space, no room
It’s a system, their father tells them
Plainly, bluntly, no trick up him sleeve!

Why have them, why give them birth at all
Why play, why teach them love and forgiveness
When you parents discard them like dirt one day!

Which religion, what culture says
They are not your blood
Once they leave your house, they are filthy water
Rotten plants, leftovers after a massive flood!

I have heard mothers say
This is for your good
You will understand all of this one day!

Mother, I ask, how will you explain?
Giving me birth and putting me through this shame
Forgetting me, changing my family name!

Treating me like an outsider
Leaving me in the lurch
Telling me it’s all a part of the game!

No! I don’t agree with your ways
It’s not a generation gap
It’s a trap! It’s a maze!

Your daughter is equal to your son
She is just dealing with marriage, motherhood
Her new challenges, it may not have been easy or fun!

Caress her, hold her hand
She has more love for you than your Indian son
Who will one day leave you in no man’s land!

Daughters are a gift
Sent to you by God, keep them close
They will protect you, like a golden sword!

For parents who feel, their daughters have to go one day
It all depends on how you build your relationship
You decide in which direction it will sway!

Don’t make excuses with culture as a wall
It’s not nature that decides
It’s purely your call!

They don’t need your money
Or you telling them the greatness of your son
They are capable of greater things
Be there for them, they are achievers
They can do it all!


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