Opening Doorz Editorial | May 24, 2017

Shubhangi Kulkarni, ex-secretary of Women’s Cricket Association of India, on the selfless qualities of Nadim Memon

I have known Nadim since 2003. I distinctly remember the time we were in a quandary over the venue for a women’s Test Match. It was a bad situation and at that time I was introduced to Nadim. After hearing about the plight of women’s cricket, he took me to the owners of the cricket ground at Vapi near Mumbai. Needless to say, we got to play our match on time. In fact, he even got us our sponsors for that match.

He is a tireless and selfless worker. I still remember the time when the New Zealand women’s team came to India in 2003. Nadim put in a lot of effort to get the ground ready to play international cricket on–once again while racing against time. That was the first time an international match was played at Aurangabad.

It’s amazing that he has always been very supportive of women’s cricket. He has managed grounds for us at the last minute and arranged sponsorship when we had a very bleak chance of managing it. He feels that women’s cricket should be encouraged and, though it’s not his job to do it, he does so wholeheartedly.

He was a huge help to me throughout my years as the secretary of the Women’s Cricket Association. As a matter of fact, he still is. I know that if at any time women’s cricket needs help, Nadim is the man to go to.

His passion towards the game of cricket is very infectious. I think every activity of his is dedicated towards working for the betterment of cricket. He makes very good quality grounds and he has gone out of his way to promote women’s cricket in the country. There are not many like him. Since I am from Pune, I really like the work he has done on the Poona Club Grounds.

(From the book Memon’s Midas Moments released on May 24, 2011.)



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