By Radha Shukla | Opening Doorz Editorial | January 04, 2018

Radha is a Counsellor and Project Coordinator at Don Bosco Snehalaya, Vadodara. Here is where the street children see the worth in themselves. Here is where humanity reigns. Here is where she googled Don Bosco, the boy from Becchi!

“I hail from a typical Hindu Brahmin family and when I landed a job in Don Bosco Snehalaya, last August, my family and also my cousins were in a state of shock. They thought that I would now convert! To be honest, even I was unsure of what I was getting into as I had never heard of Don Bosco. So I googled and stumbled onto some gems from this man who made education fun. Today, I can proudly say that I am in awe of this Saint and the legacy he has left behind for the Salesian Community.

“I realized that many of his philosophies matched mine. I always wanted to work for the young and marginalized and understand them. My new job filled me with excitement. Moreover, working with the Priests and other staff members who are from different faiths, I have realized that we all have only one objective in mind—the good of the child! I am willing to do whatever Don Bosco wants from a good human being!

“Now, when I work with the boys I know what Don Bosco wants me to do. Religion doesn’t matter to me anymore. In fact, it matters to no one here. Humanity is the basic religion. Now I realize why Christianity is more popular; they have understood the poor and are doing a lot for them. I am an eyewitness to the good work that is being done here.

Humanity is the religion at Don Bosco

“I remember when I was being interviewed, Fr George Miranda, the Director, asked me what I want to do in life. ‘I want to change the nation. I want to change the world’, I told him. He smiled and said that it is quite difficult, but you can start from here. I am very happy to be a part of this change. For the first two months, I was not very happy as I felt I was not doing enough. But now I know that I am doing my best for marginalized children.

“Wherever I go, Don Bosco will be my heart as he is in my thoughts also. I am happy to be a part of a team that spreads love, care, and concern for those who are neglected by society. I will always be a part of this institution even if I am not working here. I find my connection here!”

(From the book Forever Grateful to Don Bosco: Success Stories of the Young at Risk)

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