By Geneive D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | June 24, 2018

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: 

An Open Letter to Lionel Messi

Happy Birthday Leo Messi

Dear Messi,

A very Happy Birthday to you!

A legend was born on this day, 31 years ago.

3-1: that was also the score-line against Ecuador in Quito during the last qualifying match which brought the Albiceleste to Russia. Ecuador was already a goal up when you slammed in three-in-a-row to ensure Argentina would not be grouped with The Netherlands and Italy!

You have just lost one match (Croatia), not the World Cup. Your dream of holding the Cup in your hands hasn’t yet vanished. The road may be misty, but the destination is still there. You are at the bend. You still have that one match to show the world you are Messi, that you are the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). People may say a lot, but your actions on the field on Tuesday will silence the critics. They just found this one chance to mock at you, but they are the ones who will be staring wide-eyed when you turn your magic on.

You are in league of your own. What they say is not who you really are. What you do on the field is pure genius, and anyone who watches your game knows that. The things you do on the field are the works of a super-talented soccer wizard and we are fortunate to witness this.

Everyone has difficult times in their lives; you have to remember that stars can never shine without the darkness around them.

Nigeria have shown that they are tough, but then this is a match, I believe, Argentina will  go all guns blazing. Nigeria will stand no chance when you show them the real Messi, the one who makes things happen on the pitch. When Leo Messi turns on his magic, there’s no stopping him.

When you walk out on the pitch on Tuesday night, I want you to listen to Rachel Platten’s ‘Fight Song’. There’s this line that says… “I might only have one match… But I can make an explosion!”

Remember 31… Remember the 3:1 win in Quito.

Go on, make an explosion!

Happy Birthday, once again.

All the best
Geneive D’Souza

(Geneive D’Souza is a Grade IX student from Don Bosco International School, Mumbai. She is a soccer lover and a die-hard Lionel Messi fan, apart of course from Stephen Curry from Golden State Warriors.)

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