By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | May 01, 2021

Dear Faye D’Souza

I stumbled onto Just The News last night and was pleasantly surprised.

From your living room, an innovative studio, you dealt the news in brief without breaking into a song and dance. I mean without visuals that came at the viewer on loop.

Watching you deliver the news just as it is, took me back to the time when I watched the first episode of The World This Week, sometime in 1988. I then looked forward to the next week and the week after that.

To be honest, I stopped watching The News on television almost 8 years ago because it was [still is] more of shouting and screaming and propaganda than respecting the viewer and giving him the facts and letting the viewer decide. The anchor had [still decides] already decided!

The debates (at most times to swing opinion), are pathetic, to say the least. I mean how long, can one take the viewer to be dumb?

Faye D’Souza Just The News
Faye D’Souza Just The News: No screaming as a package.

Coming back to you, I first stumbled onto a clip of your anchoring on Facebook around three years ago. Just once, out of curiosity, I watched one episode of the Urban Debate and was impressed. When you left Mirror Now, it was easy to read between the resignation!

But you can’t keep a good journalist down for long. It was good to see you resurface with no baggage, delivering your bytes. Now, your nightly bulletin…. I sincerely hope it continues.

Journalism of Courage is a thing of the past; not that there are no journalists with courage; you know what I am talking about. 

If Media Houses continue feeding us serials in the form of news, the time will not be far when people will switch on to Faye D’Souza to watch Just The News and many other such enterprises which I am sure will make their presence felt, with Journalists who have courage.

Faye D’souza and Just the News have shown us the ‘Mirror Now’. The truth will ultimately prevail!

May your tribe increase. 

Pic Courtesy: fayedsouza/Instagram

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  1. So true , same reason I had stopped watching the news for past so many years , it was nothing but garbage. Let the tribe of the likes of Faye , grow in a big way .

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