By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | February 06, 2017

Fashion photographer Ram Bherwani is soft in his speech and approach. That same trait is seen in his work. His lighting of the subject is what actually brings a delight to the person shooting with him. Be it an Ad film, a portfolio shoot, an editorial, or even a video in motion, Ram has his technical finesse right up there. Until he is not satisfied with the lighting, he will never move to the camera angle.

Every subject he shoots, be it a male or a female, he looks for that raw, soft spot and exploits it to the fullest. This is what makes his photographs stand out and his ‘subjects’ always wanting an encore with him behind the lens!

Over the last 18 years as a Fashion Photographer, Ram has carved a niche for himself and is now heavy into the Wedding Scene shooting some breathtaking wedding videos, the new craze in town.

More of that later, but for now, Opening Doorz gets the reclusive photographer to share some of his ‘face shots’. The selections are over 10 years old and some even shot 14 years ago. But like they say, a good shot never goes out of style.

Presenting, vintage Ram Bherwani!


Anupama Varma
This was a shot where she had a lighted cigarette in her hand. The expression she gave was fabulous. I decided to do a black and white with mood lighting. Anupama has got that ‘hot’ appeal and I tried get that confident, sexy appeal onto the print!


Ishaa Koppikar-Narang
This is one of my all-time favourite. This picture was shot on the Mahim beach at around 8am with the early morning back light falling on her. She’s got such a beautiful face. Whenever I see this picture, I can’t stop admiring it as it still has that freshness even though it was shot almost 12 years ago.


Yaana wanted to shoot some portrait shots. The brief was simple, I told her I would shoot just her face. I lit her eyes from below to get this beautiful expression. The composition was just perfect. This one was shot sometime in 2006.


Perizaad Zorabian-Irani
Shooting with Perizaad is always fun. She makes the entire process exciting. I have always been fascinated by the mirror and have shot several photographs using the mirror as a prop. Here, I have tried to get the ‘Indian feel’. This is another vintage shot, almost 14 years old!


Jesse Randhawa
We were doing a wild shoot and in between shots, I just wanted to capture her in a relaxed mood. Here, I tried to play with a little fashion lighting and tried to light up her eyes. I wanted to get that raw sex appeal. If you observe closely, this picture has a little motion in it.


Rashmi Nigam
It’s a clean picture with a white backdrop. Rashmi has a beautiful face and there is something attractive about her. It was an all-black outfit with a hat and hoops for the ears. The make-up was subtle. This is one of my classic shot of 2005.


Sophie Choudry
I tried to get the ‘oomph factor’ from Sophie. She has this beautiful, soft, sexy face. I had observed that all who shot her earlier used to shoot her in a masculine way. They were somehow subduing her beauty. I shot her in a feminine way using soft lighting.

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