By Our Correspondent | Opening Doorz Editorial | September 17,  2019

Teacher’s Day was rained out, but that did not stop the Students, Teachers and Staff from Don Bosco International School, Matunga, Mumbai, from having a blast… literally.

It was 9/11 of a different kind when DBIS went berserk on a diet of Bollywood movies, dance and drama.

The images below tell its own story!

Don Bosco International School
Associate Principal (left) Aruna Shetty as Gabbar Singh, Sports Director (centre) Edgar Mascarenhas stating the obvious and (right) Fr Anthony Gonsalves… oops Director, Fr Crispino D’Souza with Principal ,Meena Saldanha, all having a blast.

But the story that needs to be told and retold is of September 04, 2019, a day before Teacher’s Day when Mumbai was marooned, office-goers stranded, and children from schools either stuck mid-way or returned back to school for shelter.

At DBIS, the teachers, including the principal and the ancillary staff rolled up their sleeves and got down to business as soon as they learnt that many kids were stranded and were returning back. They dumped their plans of trying to get back home to their families and instead, took charge of the situation.

Moreover, there were over 25 children whose parents could not make it to the school to pick them up. All these kids were provided with frequent meals and they were kept engaged with sports and audio visuals. While outside it was raining incessantly, inside it was an atmosphere of fun.

Don Bosco International School
Parents showing their skills and appreciation.

A perfect example of humanity where teachers stayed back to ensure their small group of students were cared for when the city was flooding.

A huge salute to them!

They decided to celebrate on September 11, by letting their hair down, and wigs up!

The good news is that from next year onwards, DBIS will introduce the The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) Programme.

In the last six years, Don Bosco International School has been taking small, constructive steps towards making their institution, one of its kind.

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