By Geneive D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | September 29, 2020

“It’s you who matter, not people’s opinions,” says Bhargavi Jonnadula a 21- year-old aspiring model, is hoping to make a difference by changing the way kids see themselves. Her desire is to help them realize that sometimes it’s best to be yourself. She herself went through a major change which involved her ‘finding herself’ and realizing that it all depended on the people she surrounded herself with. “You don’t need to look beautiful to make the world a better place and I want to do something for kids, especially adolescent kids,” says Bhargavi, currently working as a tax consultant in Deloitte, in Hyderabad.

The aspiring Beauty Queen has had a significant transformation as a person since Grade XII. “I was an introvert back in school and always let the views of others affect me internally.” That was back then. Today, she is a more confident, happy, and pleasant person. ‘Gregarious’ is how Bhargavi, who celebrates her birthday today, describes her new self.

Opening Doorz to the once shy girl who is now taking confident steps, balancing diverse careers.


How interesting do you find your job at Deloitte?

The job is pretty simple, but it is challenging too. Challenging, because it involves me sitting at the desk! I like travelling and exploring places. You could say I would fit more in marketing. Still, even though it is a tough task, it is a good experience for me to learn from.

If Marketing is what you think is best suited for, why have you chosen a desk job?

I took up this job initially to see if I would like it and I’m continuing because I do. It is a little tough for me to sit at one place and work, but I like challenges. Moreover, I go for shoots over the weekends, so I am able to do both and I have found the equilibrium.

Since you already have a job, how do you see yourself pursuing modelling?

My parents always wanted me to have a corporate job and grow professionally in that direction. Ever since I got into modelling, it has been easy for me to balance both my corporate job and my modelling career. I hope I can keep it like that and maintain the balance.

What was it that made you get into modelling?

There wasn’t anything in particular. I always wanted to be like Sushmita Sen—smart and beautiful. I have been hearing about her since I was in Grade III. My first ramp walk was for Miss Diva (2018), which was a wild card entry. I was selected from among 6000 girls and got called for an audition. After that, I kept getting called for photo shoots and many other opportunities came my way.

Bhargavi Jonnadula: It’s you who matter
Bhargavi Jonnadula: It’s you who matter. “Today, I am a better version of myself than when I was at school. People’s opinions don’t matter to me. Yes, positive criticism is something I look forward to,” says Bhargavi Jonnadula.

You mentioned that in school, you were an introvert and shy, and it all changed when you started college. What led to this change?

In school, I was always put down, which drove me into my shell and prevented me from being the open extroverted person I am today. However, in college, I didn’t know anyone, and I knew that if I didn’t show myself out here, I never would. So when I started participating in all kinds of competitions and started winning them too, I came out of my shell. I became more confident about myself. Today, I am a better version of myself than when I was at school. People’s opinions don’t matter to me. Yes, positive criticism is something I look forward to.

You seem to have been touched by this particular quote by APJ Abdul Kalam, ‘I am not a handsome guy, but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart not in the face.’

Absolutely! I don’t need to look beautiful to make the world a better place, and with that thought in my head, I want to do something for kids, especially adolescent kids. I started a project, where I started going to schools and talking to adolescent kids, to help them understand that they do not need to change who they are just because of someone else’s opinion, and ruin their adolescence. They are our future. I plan on continuing this project, which has been delayed because of the pandemic, with or without a pageant title.

What would your message to girls everywhere be?

I believe that you are who you see yourself in the mirror as. There isn’t anything about you to change. And I think, after a little introspection, you would realize that people’s opinions don’t matter, it’s you who matters.

What has been your experience with Cocoaberry Talent and Academy? How have Alesia and Anjali impacted you?

My experience with Cocoaberry Talent and Academy has been absolutely amazing. I have never seen a person who is so invested in someone else’s life and helping them improve. Alesia and Anjali put us through different aspects of modelling and I learned so much during those 12 days. I moved from Hyderabad to Mumbai for the purpose of attending sessions with Cocoaberry and it helped me to see a completely different side of the world, one that I was not aware of!

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