Opening Doorz Editorial | June 03, 2017

Nauheed Cyrusi on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I’m NOT a fitness freak! I don’t go to the gym but what I do love is the outdoors! Gimme a mountain and I will climb it for you; gimme a track and I will run it for you… I like new and spontaneous as opposed to dull monotony! And I also believe everybody reacts differently to different kinds of exercise. It’s all about listening to your body.

Eating Habits
What I eat? I’m a pescatarian (I don’t eat meat; I only eat fish), hence vegetables and fish is my life! I love rice and eat rice twice a day, daily. I disagree with everyone who say rice is fattening and fruit is fattening. In fact everything in moderation is most essential. I eat everything I want to for however long I want and of course I gain weight but that’s OK by me too. I wish I lived in a city that allowed me to grow my own vegetables and fish my own fish! I believe all diseases stem from the pesticides we are literally inhaling!

Spiritual Quotient
In a city like Mumbai, it is impossible live stress free and hence, every now and then, when I’m having near panic attacks it’s time to get out even if it means just driving down to Karjat or Lonavla. I’m blessed with friends who have homes there and so it’s most convenient. Travel is my spiritual quotient. I want to start praying a lot more than I do; I believe it helps in keeping one focused and aligned as well.

(Nauheed Cyrusi better known as the ‘Piya Basanti’ girl and later the ‘Maula Mere’ girl has always lived life on her terms. Her latest Godrej TVCs were splashed all over! Of late, she’s been busy planting her passion for flowers and is successfully running a flower shop out of Kemps Corner called Apollo Florist. If you ever want to meet her do drop in…)

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