Opening Doorz Editorial | August 28, 2017

Ishita Dutta on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine
I don’t follow a strict schedule; I like changing my workout to keep it interesting. I love walking, so whenever I am travelling I walk out in the open. It makes me feel great. I also do Pilates, it’s my new favourite. I basically try and do some exercise everyday; either I walk in some park around me or go for a dance class or do Pilates or yoga. Sometimes I hit the gym too. One hour a day is good enough for me.

Eating Habits
I love food so it’s really difficult for me to control my eating habits but I try my best. I try to eat most of my meals at home or carry my home-cooked food. At home, we eat normal rice, lentils, vegetable curry sometimes chicken but yes we make it in very less oil and masala. I also avoid sugar in my tea/coffee and avoid aerated drinks as much as possible. I love Indian sweets so I do indulge in some sweet binging but in control. I drink a lot of green tea. That really helps. I also drink lots of water.

My advice: you should understand your body and accordingly plan a diet. Do not blindly follow someone else’s diet because we all have different body types. For eg: wheat does not suit me so I prefer rice. It’s also bad to starve yourself.

Our diet should be balanced with a proper dose of exercise to maintain a healthy body and healthy does not mean being skinny or thin. The aim should be to be fit and healthy.

Spiritual Quotient
What has to happen will happen; what is in your destiny you will get, but for that you need to do your 100 per cent and then have faith in God. That’s my funda in life. There have been times when I have felt really low and directionless, we all go through that but you need to tell yourself that “this too shall pass” and whatever happens, happens for the best.

I think it’s very important to have good friends or someone whom you can talk to and share your fears and insecurities, someone whom you can confide in. Sometimes just sharing can solve most of your issues. So guys, take a deep breath, go for a walk… it’s going to be alright!

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