By Chahat Vig | Opening Doorz Editorial | August 25, 2021

Chahat Vig on her workout routine, eating habits and spiritual quotient…

Workout Routine

I’m a practising yogi. It’s been three years now since I indulged myself in various forms of yoga and it has transformed my mental and physical health. I like to design full body flow routines and inculcate various forms of yoga in my weekly workout routine. Some of the forms I truly enjoy practising are HathaVinyasa and the Kundalini form of yoga. 

Eating Habits

I don’t believe in starving myself. I make healthy choices and educate myself about nutrition. I break my meals into smaller portions and have five meals a day instead of three, I prefer taking a high protein and carb diet during the day to keep my energy quotient high. Three litres of water is my everyday goal and I track my intake with my measured bottles. It’s also essential to make my water intake exciting so I like to mix lemon, cucumber and mint into my daily jar of water. 

One essential eating tip: Eat intuitively, don’t force-feed or starve yourself. Your body truly indicates what it needs if you listen.  

Chahat Vig Fitness Routine
“Design a day-end routine; it should consist of things that help you relax and doesn’t overstimulate your mind,” says Chahat Vig.

Spiritual Quotient

I like to de-stress through active meditation. I also relax when I indulge in my hobbies like singing or reading a book with nice scented candlelight. Spending quality time with yourself is essential and taking out time for meditation or reading or even a tranquil evening bath can help you get relaxed. 

Life mantra: Design a day-end routine; it should consist of things that help you relax and doesn’t overstimulate your mind. The goal should be to provide a pleasant end to your day. Do not use your phone before going off to bed, at least 30 minutes prior, to give the rest your brain truly deserves.

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