Raima Sen and her sizzling weekly shoots! @ 23 May 2019 9:51 pm - For a person who was shy (read lazy) where her PR was concerned, Raima Sen's social media presence comes as a surprise considering one has to spend a lot of time uploading the right stuff.
Ajay Devgn and his 1991 PAK stunt! @ 16 May 2019 10:34 am - Ajay Devgn has kept himself relevant in the industry with his choice of films. With Rohit Shetty, he has created the Singham Brand, one that connects with his audience.
Hrishitaa Bhatt: Taking kathak to Switzerland @ 10 May 2019 12:00 am - By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | May 10, 2019 Two years of married life has enhanced the glow on Hrishitaa Bhatt’s face. Meeting her after almost 10 years at Bandra’s famous […]
Kriti the Beauty and the brands! @ 30 Apr 2019 8:31 am - With her warm grin and a pleasing personality that does not push for a product, Kriti Sanon is the right choice for any brand. And that is what the end-users are looking for, a product that is not peddled.
Pooja Kanwal is our Captain Marvel @ 15 Mar 2019 6:37 pm - Pooja Kanwal-Mahtani is our Captain Marvel. Yes, the lissom lady is the Hindi voice for Brie Larson in Walt Disney Studios distributed super hero movie.
Miss Bakshi caught in a web! @ 21 Feb 2019 7:27 pm - Ashmita Bakshi is style personified. A product from the stable of 'Brand Femina', Ashmita has been making slow, but sure inroads into Bollywood.
Niharica Raizada has hearts beating from Luxembourg to India! @ 23 Jan 2019 1:43 pm - Niharica Raizada is not the normal actor you will meet. And Niharica Raizada is not the normal medico you will meet either. Heavens! An actor who is a medico (and vice-versa) can be a potential hazard. And a ‘pretty’ one at that!
Wake up and smell the Koffee, Joharsaab! @ 11 Jan 2019 6:56 pm - Why is Karan Johar not being banned by Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA)? I can imagine him laughing, throwing his head back, at Hardik’s ‘Main karke aaya,’ comment. He should have been aghast!
Rewinding with Ragini Khanna… @ 10 Jan 2019 6:58 pm - I’m very health conscious now. I eat only what is beneficial for my health. Salads, soups and proteins; It’s all about what makes me feel active.
Genelia and Riteish Jodi… Lai Bhaari! @ 4 Dec 2018 11:26 am - Surf Laavun Dhuvun Taak from the Marathi film Mauli, is an out-and-out dance song based on the Holi theme which is sure to replace the other chart-busters. The film released on December 14.