By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | July 02, 2018

Whenever she is in the city, Adah Sharma makes it a point to go to the dance studio in Airoli which also doubles up as her visit to her maternal grandmother. The last time Adah (who has been busy working in the south) came down, her grandmother accompanied her to the dance studio and the two, who have been inseparable since Adah’s birth, indulged in random mischief.

Adah asked her mother to play the cameraman as grandmother (Mrs. Tulsi Sundar Kocha who is 90 years old) and grand-daughter took time off to match dance steps.

Watch the video here.

There was also a 007 pose. Asked whether her grandmother was not scandalized with her short shorts, Adah laughs: “Not at all, she is very sporting. She is liberal in a very good way: she is not judgmental. She is proud of me and is my biggest supporter. Whether I am possessed in a film (1920) or speaking in another language (Heart Attack or any of my Telugu films), wearing a bikini, posing on the cover of the Man magazine, hanging off ropes on the edge of a ship or dressed as a royal Princess on a calendar—she is very happy for me. She knows I am committed to what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“My grandmother is very sporting. She is liberal in a very good way: she is not judgmental. She is proud of me and is my biggest supporter.”
—Adah Sharma

She’s my biggest fan too, reveals Adah: “She watches trailers and promos of movies on television and asks me, ‘Why did they take her? You can dance and act so much better!’ She’s hilarious and has a superb sense of humour too.”

Stressing on her positive attitude, Adah says that her grandmother never says tomorrow. “Everything is now for her. She has the energy levels of a teenager.”

Mrs Tulsi, who was the headmistress at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Sion, and who now at 90 years of age is Headmistress at Datta Meghe World Academy, Airoli, also stalks Adah on Facebook and Instagram, after a hard day at work!

Imagine, at 90 years of age, Mrs Tulsi Sundar Kocha has to apply for a two-week leave to attend a family wedding in Kerala!

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